Be Straw Free

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I’ve gone almost fully straw free for environmental reasons for awhile now. Exceptions are when I purchase a drink for consumption in the car, etc. but, you’re right: it’s an easy, very low pain way to help. (I don’t subscribe to the WP so I could only read the headline and see the picture but have read what I believe the article is about before.)

I didn’t know people still use a straw. We’ve been straw free for a long time. Can’t remember the last time I used one.

For those without WaPo access, here are some other links about the program started by a boy who was 9 years old at the time:

p.s. If you have Amazon Prime, you can get a free 6 month online subscription to the Washington Post.

I use straws in drinks with ice because I have sensitive teeth, so it would not be “low pain” for me. Is there a good alternative?

I’d be fine without straws if we didn’t get so much ice in our cups that when you drink them the ice clips together and you end up with drink on your shirt. Just cold water with little or no ice would suit me just fine. Even room temp water us better than the dreaded clump of ice.

My husband usual requests no ice.

I do a lot to help the environment, but I like my straws!

Cold drinks without ice? Ick. I had a hard time in Europe, where they don’t seem to believe in ice. Lukewarm Coke!

Most cold drinks in the USA are already very cold without ice. And you get more beverage for your $ :slight_smile:

@MomofWildChild Some options are going back to biodegradable paper straws or using reusable straws.

You seriously never see people walking around with their soda cups with straws in them?

I don’t use straws, but I’m certainly aware others do.

I use the stainless steel straws for a a year now and it works for us. We use them a lot.

We also use the stainless steel straws. I think they’re great.

I get straws in restaurants. I can’t control what they provide. I re-use straws at home- usually the nice plastic ones from Sonic.

I use straws and not giving them up. I do often reuse them.

If you like to use straws at home, there are biodegradable/compostable straws, they are all over the place, for example,

IMO, ice in drinks is much more damaging to the planet than straws. :slight_smile: Just think how much energy is going into making that ice. It is just the unfortunate effects of nature interacting with straws are much more graphic…

We don’t use straws at home. I wonder if you could get the coffee places to put their iced coffee in their hot cups? I think for milkshake types drinks straws are pretty much a necessity. Once upon a time straws were made of waxed paper, maybe we should go back to that. (Actually Google tells me there are companies making compostable straws.)

Actually, we can have an influence on what restaurants buy. Talk to the manager. Write to headquarters for the chain restaurants.

Ugh, even a cold drink warms up quickly without ice. Don’t know how people drink it. I do ask them not to fill up the whole cup with ice, but a half cup is good. I guess I’m stubborn. Not giving up straws.