Best and worst of university of michigan

<p>When did i act superior. My god, say one thing and i get crazy backlash</p>

<p>Well, there are stupid people here like it or not. There are stupid people at Harvard, too, or anywhere else for that matter... don't kid yourselves</p>

1. Anything involving bureaucracy/administration (e.g. financial aid office, admissions office).
2. A sizable proportion of people (I'd put it between 3 and 4 percent) that have apparently no respect for their fellow students. Walking by the South U bars on a Saturday night carrying some books I was called a homosexual and a loser (happened more than once). I realize that some people aren't satisfied with their grades but jeez, don't take it out on me... and people wonder why smarties are elitist.
3. The pervasive presence of hyper-liberal, reverse-discriminating, "progressive" hipsters. High enough proportionally to be annoying, but not high enough to eradicate the behavior in point 2.
4. You have to be a declared major to get departmental scholarships and awards, so declare early. It is not a big deal to change your major later.</p>

<p>Best: Everything else. Fortunately, UM is large enough that you can, for the most part, avoid the types you don't like. For every idiot like that in the bar there are probably several people that study all the time and more that are highly academically inclined</p>

<p>Brief suggestions of some places you should try to go on your visit:
1. The new Michigan Stadium (the UM football team has a spring scrimmage in early April), which is now the largest football stadium in the US
2. The Arboretum (try to go for an hour or two)
3. Performances in hill auditorium</p>

<p>If they fill a school with 3.8/2050 "average" students who gives a rat's rear-end if they admit 20%, 50% or 100%? You aren't any smarter or better if your stats are the same but the admit rate is lower, you're just luckier.</p>

must be pretty dumb themselves to be spending the money to come here anyway if they think so lowly of the university's admissions practices.


<p>Even if someone thinks that, it still could be far and away their best option based on the other schools to which they're admitted / those schools' tuition rates.</p>

And it's certainly not a good attitude to adopt about your classmates before you even start your freshman year. For all you know you'll turn out to be one of those people you're talking about.


<p>I'll agree with that one 1000%.</p>

<p>UMich exists to educate the populace, and it selects those who they believe will make the most out of their education. If UMich just wanted the smartest kids they could get, they'd just have an entrance exam like IIT (and I'm sure some other foreign university systems), and admit the best scores, or they'd admit strictly on ACT/SAT scores. They don't do that because a smart kid who doesn't give a crap will do worse than a dumb kid who does.</p>

<p>Personally, I like the fact that they don't heavily restrict what classes you can sign up for. Most departments have only "Advisory prerequisites" rather than "Enforced prerequisites."</p>