Best Colleges for Jobs and Earnings

Dave Berry analyzes new reports that list the best colleges for jobs and earnings:

Isn’t it more about major and track than college?

It does.

Yeah. Obviously MD from FSU would make more than BA in Education from Princeton but for similar level students with similar degree, elite college privileges kick in.

The top 10 schools in terms of earnings are Ivy league caliber schools or medical schools.

A BA from Princeton is probably not trying to make that MD money though. So you would also have to consider what the student ultimately wants out of his/her life. Also who will make more mid-career? The BA from P or the MD from wherever?

Someone graduating with a BA from Princeton may be trying to make management consulting or Wall Street money, though.

On the other hand, in many other career directions, graduating from Princeton may not be a big pay or hiring advantage over graduating from wherever in the same major.

Of course, most people graduating from Ivies are also rich and well connected, and would likely have very similar high-paying jobs even if they attended a less “prestigious” college.

Nonetheless, it is interesting that not only does SUNY Downstate have the highest earning graduates in NY (higher than Cornell, Columbia, NYU, etc), but evidently they are the highest earning in the country.

SUNY Downstate is focused on health professions, including medicine (about 45% of students; most of the rest are nursing or other health profession programs like PA, OT, PT).

@Riversider They are just using Times Higher Education’s 2019 rankings. Nothing new, nothing original, and nothing which addresses the glaring issues inherent in all of those type of rankings.

The NY Times had the [California Maritime Academy](Economic diversity and student outcomes at California Maritime Academy - The New York Times) first in California. If you want an extremely specialized and seemingly esoteric vocation, this academy certainly has it.

I think nowadays is better not to rely on rankings and top colleges and universities , but to pay attention to jobs and occupations that will allow you to earn a lot. Relying only on degrees and diploma prestige is not enough. You can check the professions that are in high demand here or in other similar articles. You need to realize that top colleges not always lead to top career opportunities ang growth. And remember that Ivy league graduates are usually rich and powerful even without diploma