Best. Game. Ever.

<p>Petard > Joint (cannabis) > Slang > Cool (aesthetic) > Turkey (as in the country) > Basketball > Los Angeles Lakers > Lamar Odom</p>

<p>And I got TS Eliot. </p>

<p>Milton, Mass. --> Milton Academy --> TS Eliot.</p>

<p>I had some crap before that I think. But these were the 3 last steps.</p>

<p>This one was difficult.</p>

<p>Webdings > New York City > American English > Webster's Dictionary > Random House > Merriam-Webster > Merriam–Webster's Dictionary of English Usage > Dictionary > Rhyming Dictionary > Poetry > T.S. Eliot</p>

<p>^Yeah I had a TON of crap before that. Lol but I decided not to list it since I was too lazy to find the history and whatnot. XD</p>

<p>I propose the dream of many CCers...</p>

<p>Harvard University.</p>


<p>Johnny Moore (musician) > United States > Thirteen Colonies > Massachusetts > Harvard</p>

<p>If you wanna make it harder, try to exclude clicking on the United States...cause that makes EVERYTHING easier</p>

<p>Carmit > Israel > Nobel Prize > Nobel Prize in Literature > List of Nobel Laureates > T.S. Eliot</p>


<p>Try getting to the AC Milan page.</p>

<p>^^^ Ooh, damn.</p>

<p>random color for 45 seconds</p>

<p>Munich -> Hitler</p>

<p>Red Wing Pottery > Dishware > Zurich > Switzerland > Italian > Italy > Serie A > AC Milan.</p>

<p>AC Milan has been the easiest so far. </p>

<p>Mehmet Türkmehmet > Association Football > Serie A > AC Milan</p>

<p>^^Easy as well.</p>

<p>Spurn --> England --> Association football --> FIFA World Cup --> Italian National football team --> Milan --> A.C. Milan</p>

<p>Alright, Next one is Chapel Hill, North Carolina.</p>

<p>Dang, that was quick!</p>

^ You could have cut off a couple of those. Shoulda gone straight from Assoc. Football to Serie A instead of FIFA World Cup.</p>

<p>Red Munia > Hawaii > United States > North Carolina > Chapel Hill, North Carolina. That was easy.</p>

<p>Easy as well.</p>

<p>Maltby, WA --> United States --> NC --> Chapel Hill</p>

<p>^^Oh yeah... </p>

<p>And that's kinda dissapointing since I follow football/soccer somewhat.</p>

<p>Oh, and I suggest University of Illinois Urbana Champaign.</p>

<p>Again, easy. </p>

<p>Uttar Pradesh --> India --> Indo-US civilan nuclear agreement (the United States had no hyperlinks in the India article so I had to go to the nuclear agreement page) --> United States --> 50 states --> Illinois --> UIUC</p>

<p>I got really lucky with the AC Milan one. The random link was to a soccer player, lol.</p>