Binghamton Regular Decision for Fall 2023

That article states 41700 undergrad. I wonder if they got 50000 undergrad applications this year. The free application week back in November probably created all of this chaos. So many applicants applied EA to get free application.

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Good point but even if last year was 41700 undergrad and this year 50000, Bing should still have processes in place for anticipated growth.

Binghamton just released more decisions!

no update here :confused:

What major? We’re waiting on computer science…anyone?

Biology, Harpur College


Just got the email tonight and she’s in at Binghamton! (Harpur, English major) Reposting stats so people next year don’t have to dig lol. She applied EA on October 28, and was deferred from EA to RD on January 10. 97 unweighted average, 5 AP, 2 SUPA (through Syracuse University), 2 through SUNY Oswego. Did not submit test scores. Good ECs, including many leadership roles, but not published/research/anything super crazy. We are in State, no mention of merit and we aren’t expecting it. Other acceptances for reference are SUNYs Stony Brook, Geneseo, Cortland and Oswego, all with merit, and honors at all but SB(haven’t heard yet). Also in at Syracuse University with Coronat scholarship (full tuition, all expense paid study abroad, and honors). Still waiting on NYU, which was super ultra reach. Again, all this for reference because I know how helpful past posts were to us!! Good luck to all!!!

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Congrats!! Wow full ride at Syracuse!!! Seems like a no brainer choice.


Well, full tuition…we’re still paying room and board lol But it still makes it cheaper than the SUNYs, especially considering the paid study abroad which she desperately wants to do. And yes, definitely a no brainer! And it’s in our backyard…She’s super excited. Thank you!!!

Huge congratulations on Binghamton!! , she has great options!! When did she hear from Syracuse?

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Last Monday, 3/6. She applied RD, but because of this scholarship we know she’s in now. But it’s funny because TECHNICALLY she’s not actually accepted at this very moment? The email that said she was selected said “Later this month you will receive official notification for the Office of Admissions that will reflect your acceptance to Syracuse University and receipt of the Coronat scholarship.” When you look on My Slice there is no way for her to actually commit right now, but that email says instructions will be sent.

Yes, everyone we know is furious with Bing about their mess of not getting decisions out timely and deferring such a large # of EAs to RD. We personally know a dozen familes that just said forget it and accepted at Buffalo or other schools.

Yes, even the University of Rochester released admittance on Friday March 17. Got in but too expensive so still patient with Bing but getting really frustrated.

That myslice thing is a just another unessesary layer that we did not sign up for. The portal is good enough for all other schools, why add another layer for the students that can barely keep up with the portal? We will get accept/reject notice through portal and we will call for fin aid. No reason for another layer.

Dare I even wonder if they aren’t going to wind up doing mass waitlist and mass accepts solely based on some metrics? If they don’t get it done before the deadline…
State employees working nights and weekends making sound decisions no less?!

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I agree. It should have come as no surprise for Bing to anticipate increased volumes, particularly since someone in the SUNY system decided to drop the bomb of offering free applications during the EA window. Personally, I feel that was a poor decision. They bit off more than they can chew as I previously said (just my opinion). I would think by now they would have figured out how to be more efficient. It would be terrible if they start to blindly accept or waitlist.

Other schools have done this too. My daughter is waiting on a decision from Northeastern. Was deferred EA and they announced they are releasing decisions in waves. Kid from her school who applied RD, with lower stats, already got his acceptance a week ago. The college process is very puzzling. Over in 10 days. Can’t wait!


My son just got an email. He’s accepted into CS. Finally! His stats: RD, in-state, 3.99 unweighted GPA, 4.6 weighted, ACT 35, 14 APs by the time of graduation. Taking many courses at a local CC (18 credits this semester) and will get an associate degree in CS by the end of the summer (not through dual enrollment). Many leadership positions and some volunteering work. Competed in various competitions (math, Science Olympiad, French, Computing Olympiad) and many awards. Varsity swimming for 4 years. Three years of research with some awards as well. First chair clarinet and saxophone in different school ensembles/bands. Tutor and lifeguard.


This sorta makes the case for how messed up it is… these stats are worthy of EA if he was in on time and if nothing else, first wave acceptance in any other year.