Binghamton Vs. Geneseo

<p>The 'public ivy' statements here show a significant lack of knowledge and research. The term 'public ivy' was coined by Richard Moll and later used in the creation of a book titled: The Public Ivies: America's Flagship Public Universities. In this book, Binghamton is referenced as a Public Ivy because of it's exceptional undergraduate education and status as a research university. The argument made (correctly in my view) in the book is that you can get an "ivy league caliber" education while paying a state-school tuition.</p>

<p>In terms of overall educational quality, few can argue against the merits of a Binghamton education, particularly when considering the out-of-control rise in educational costs at private colleges and universities. In terms of Binghamton's position in the SUNY System and particularly Geneseo, Binghamton and Geneseo are CLEARLY the most prestigious and selective schools in terms of undergraduate education. They both have outstanding graduation rates and graduate school placement rates as well as strong earning potential for BA and BS graduates. When deciding between the two, academic quality and prestige are a wash. The considerations should be (in no particular order):</p>

<li> College (Geneseo) vs. University (Binghamton)</li>
<li> Small (Geneseo) vs. mid-size to large (Binghamton)</li>
<li> Location: Small town (Geneseo) vs. small city (Binghamton)</li>
<li> Student Life</li>
<li> Demographics</li>
<li> Athletics (Binghamton is D I)</li>
<li> Availability of academic programs you may be interested in</li>

<p>Either way, you'll get an exceptional education that will allow you to afford a top notch graduate school (Ivy if you want it).</p>