blue book conspiracy theory

<p>The first 3 tests in blue book were harder than the real SAT I took. But the last 7 tests were about the same difficulty with the real SAT.</p>

<p>The scaling curves on the three BB tests will accurately describe how the test difficulty compares to other administered SATs. Except for the May 2007 reading (BB test #3), the BB tests were average or harder than average in difficulty.</p>

<p>Not that it really matters what the difficulty is. Except possibly for two scenarios: 1) you perceive an easier test than average and get flustered when you realize how hard it will be to score above 700 because the curve will be tough; or 2) you perceive a harder test than average and get flustered because the test has lots of hard questions. I'll think I'll refer to these as CC test taker curve stress factors.</p>

<p>The blue book is Jesus.</p>