BME program(Subtrack Tissue Engineering) - USC vs Brown vs U Penn

It was in my list but my second son is a Goldilock , we took him to Hawaii and he sat on the beach and refused to get into the water. He may not be able to take cold so I am little hesitant for Michigan because of the snow.

After what admission officers saw last year , they are very reluctant to give high hopes on UC admission so they are insisting on some safety schools. Even if kids got admitted to UCs last year they did not get the first choice of their major so it was very tough.

As per this article we should start seeing some difference this year but dont want to count on it.

This reminds me, of my DC regret after applying 4 safety schools, felt it was waste of time after the fact. My DC got all 4 safety schools with half-tuition scholarships and 1 near full-tuition scholarship and 3 UCs. The realization came in after many said looking into the profile, that DC could have got into at 1-2 Ivys had DC applied to them. It was too late in the game because by that time application period has been closed already. Maybe you can add one Safety school in your case, like UNR or ASU. Not sure if COA is an issue, but there are a few colleges out there that give out Full Ride for the NMF students.
My intention is not to challenge the admission officers, but hoping the below thread shed some light on likely UC acceptance by campus Vs UC GPA.

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At our school, “the UCs are unpredictable” and “last year was a bloodbath” usually (but not always) means the kids didn’t get into UCLA or Berkeley.

I would encourage your son to look into UCSB. Specifically:

It doesn’t get any more “Goldilocks” temperature wise than Santa Barbara.

Good luck to your son.

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Thank you for sharing this graph, I was able to download the data behind the Tableau Dashboard.

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Wisconsin is colder than Michigan.