Boston University 7 Year Medical Program


2014-15 SAT Chem average was 767 at BU program.
Other stats for BU program are: 2318 for SAT, 781 for M2 and 4.0 unweighted GPA.
Good luck.

Raycmr, do most highschool students take that many APs?? My school does not offer nearly as many as you estimated. Should I be concerned?

@mikayla1 This thread is not active. Review and post in current year BS/MD program thread to get any response.
What he posted is AP credits and not number of AP courses. So it translate to 8-10 AP courses. Even that is not needed. Do what you can do at your school. It is competitive program and to get a feel, read the results thread of 2016 and follow current year 2017 thread. GL