Boston University College of General Studies

I honestly do not know if BU would cover the plane expenses for the trip to London. While reviewing the financial aid letter, it says nothing about plane tickets or the extra costs. For Clark Uni, I’ve gained a full ride including an extra $12,000 for myself and Denison Uni the same circumstances but money coming out from my parents pocket is $1,000.

Are you sure you got tuition, room and board (that’s a full ride) plus $12,000?

Guessing that’s $3,000/year (*4) covering transportation, books, research, or study abroad?
Can you check and confirm @sharpiees?

Clark and Denison sound better then. No extra costs, you get to hit the ground running toward your goal, respected universities…(and at both, study abroad is covered by financial aid, meaning that if you really wanted to go to London, you could and it’d cost you less than from BU!)
Do check that you got tuition, room, and board at both Denison and Clark- those are amazing offers!! Congratulations!


BU, Denison, and Clark are all affordable schools for me and my family! I think that’s one misconception you guys are missing.

Given that the BU CGS course requirements would interfere with you getting started on pre-med courses, wouldn’t Denison and Clark be better options?

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We’re not missing that BU gave you an affordable package, but it gave you a delayed start offer.
Since both Denison and Clark are better for premed, gave you better financial offers, and do not delay your start, I guss we don’t see why you’re considering BU over them.
Can you explain?


Not to go against everyone’s advice here but my personal opinion is that BU is the best school in this mix that money can buy which seems to be close to free for @sharpiees

It is a great premed school. Delay in starting medicine is not as important as doing well in a well regarded premed school. Take the extra year or two to work, research/volunteer while applying to med school.

Thanks for advice!

It will not hold you back. You should connect with a CGS advisor by emailing and they will help you with your plan.

Yes you will have gap semester

CGS will not delay your plans. You work closely with your advisor and can plan out your 4 years.

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Except this OP wants to be premed and there’s a specific sequence, just like for Engineering- which is why Engineering isn’t possible through CGS.
How many premeds were in your cohort when you moved from CGS to regular BU?
Further, neither 2nd semester offer (London semester or New England Studies semester) works for premeds either.
Finally, I’m not sure why OP would want to start in January when s/he can start in the Fall at a very good college for premed.
I get that you want to defend your experience but it may not apply for this OP specifically.

Hello, I’ve been in contact with BU Admissions and they’ve assured me that CGS will not delay my plans for pre-med! As long as I meet with my advisor every semester, then I should be good. BU is one of my top schools and on top of that, I also received a good financial aid package.

So BU is your favorite school… can you explain why?
What are you going to do during your gap semester?
How did Admissions explain it? Because premeds take 6-7 natural science classes and 2 math classes during their first two years (out of 18-20 classes over 4 semesters) and CGS only schedules 2 natural science classes - none during your first two semesters and those scheduled during your second year do not fulfill premed pre-reqs.

Communicating with you seems like you have some sort of animosity towards BU and my intelligence. You have not mentioned one single positive tip about the school and continuously doubted my acceptance for the school. While doing extensive research about Boston University such as joining panels and speaking to alumnus, what I can say about your opinions is that they aren’t fully accurate especially for those who are on the pre-med/pre-health track!

  1. For my gap semester, I truly don’t believe it is any of your business but to answer your question, I will be focusing on my mental health and preparing to enter the “real-world” especially as an individual person. I will probably be taking dual enrollment courses (which I’ve already taken 1 so far) that’ll guarantee me a good spot for my major (pre-med) or apply to jobs that I can save up before I start school.
  2. BU Admissions and actual CGS pre-med students have assured everyone that as long as we meet up with an advisor, I or any other student should be on track to graduate within 4 years and enter medical school. Throughout freshman and sophomore year, the average student can end up taking 5-6 electives that count towards their major before reaching Junior year and placed to any of their undergraduate schools.
  3. My passion for Boston Univ has been stated throughout my supplemental essays (personal statements) and I’ll like to think my unique exemplary talents is what has gotten me accepted at BU.

Also, you’ve mentioned grade deflation at BU is incredibly high? I totally agree that biased articles posted around the internet is a serious problem and that makes schools like BU or other Ivy Leagues incredibly bad to the viewers’ eyes. CGS Pre-med students have personally told me that grade deflation at BU is a myth (to an extent) and Professors at BU only want to help their students pass especially during the pandemic. Students told me that throughout their class, they’ve experience a curve that boosts their grades. So respectfully speaking, I am not going to listen to a person who has not step foot on the campus and actually has done their research regarding the school. Your opinions are extremely biased and misleading to students who really wants to enter BU! I appreciate your concern but last I checked, this is my decision and I definitely know where I would like to spend my next 4 years at. :slight_smile:

I hold no specific animosity against BU. I’ve got no dog in this fight, I’m trying to help you and answer your original query:

I’ve been a person who’s been set to enter medical school so if anyone can give me statements as to what I am getting myself into? I want to be on track for pre-med and I don’t want CGS holding me back, if that makes sense?

CGS seems a better set up for non STEM or non sequential majors. It fulfills a lot of general education courses but not premed pre-reqs.
So, to answer your original question, CGS would be holding you back. CGS has has extensive advising but the program doesn’t seem geared toward premeds, who need to take a sequence of specific classes in addition to their major pre-reqs and gen eds. Now current student tell you otherwise, but I fail to see how it’s possible since so few of the available classes match what you’re supposed to take. Did they tell you general “it won’t hold you back” or did they explain how it’d work? You don’t have to answer but you need to have the exact 4-year path where you fit in your major and the premed pre-reqs (your gen eds will be taken care of by CGS): calculus, biostats, General Bio 1&2, General Chem 1&2 with lab, Orgo 1&2, Biochem, Physics 1&2, Psychology, Sociology. I suppose you could fit Bio&Chem during your 2nd year along with 1-2 courses specifically for your major, assuming some overlap (you’ll need to consult with your adviser to switch the 2nd CGS science class because it doesn’t fulfill the premed pre-reqs); then, junior year, Calc, Biostats, Orgo; senior year biochem, Physics, Psychology; CGS SS103-104 will cover the sociology requirement. Then MCAT in June Senior year, glide year. But it’s very tight and doesn’t leave much space for your major or for advanced science courses. The pathways recommend taking Calc1 (if you don’t have credit already) and General Chem during the gap semester in order to stay on track.

I asked about “why BU” to understand. BTW it’s a question I ask most students who got into a college because it’s useful for current juniors contemplating the school and seniors with the same choices. I wish I understood better why you like BU.

I asked about your gap semester because… if you read other threads, you’ll see it’s the most common question about it :stuck_out_tongue: It exists at Cornell, USC, Colby, NYU, Marist, Middlebury… and it is strongly considered ill-advised for premeds. However some students have specific activities in mind already that may make the gap semester fruitful or even helpful toward their goals.

I’m not sure where I have doubted your acceptance to the school. If I gave you that impression, I’m sorry. It isn’t my intention. You got into three top colleges and can legitimately congratulate yourself. Now you will make a choice between three strong universities.

Deciding is difficult. The main criteria for premeds are 1° being top 25% 2° cost 3° quality.
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CGS is a great program. Many students pursue Biology, Human Phys at SAR. And you get to study abroad in your first year.

CGS advisors work closely with premed students. CGS NS201 actually counts for premed as BIO 1. If you want to attend BU, you should contact CGS and speak to some there directly about what you want to.

You will not be limited at CGS. All students at BU take Gen Ed classes called the BU HUB and you will fulfill most of those at CGS.

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