Boston University Guarantee Transfer Class of 2024

@Wmd818 They will probably send emails and such throughout the year.

This is really helpful… Our son got the Guaranteed Transfer offer as well. But I did call and at least from BU Admissions I was told there IS NO MERIT BASED SCHOLARSHIPS FOR TRANSFERS… Not for the first or any other year. But I will be asking again to be sure that they mean no BU scholarship options at all for his 3 years or just for the first year as a transfer.

So from my understanding, we have to decide as if he will be paying full tuition for 3 years there since we don’t qualify for financial aid and look for possible outside merit scholarships.
But we are looking at the state school option as a Bright Futures scholar here in Florida and if he likes it great! Also he got into COM and dreams to major in Film which BU has a great Ranked program. He didn’t make it into the film program at FSU (only 30 students a year accepted I understand) So this is a nice option to get the basics out of the way and if he can’t get in to the film program at his state school he has a great, if not expensive alternative.

I accepted the BU guaranteed student but I am confused about the accredited college part. Does the college you go to have to be accredited under the Boston University accreditation (NECHE) or can it just be like your local state college? If anyone reads this can you respond ASAP. Thank you

@officialianlee Accredited by their regional accrediting agency. Chances are you local state college is accredited, their website would clearly state that.

Hello again. I started classes already but I’m wondering what classes we need to take in order to transfer next year. I am attending the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the classes I’m taking are Engin-112, Engin-191, Math-132, Physics-151, and Polisci-121. Does anyone know if these classes are viable to transfer with? Thank you.

@officialianlee Look at the freshman curriculum for the BU program you plan to transfer to, I assume Engineering. You can find it on their website.

@officialianlee omg I’m at UMASS Amherst too and plan to transfer to BU through the guaranteed transfer program (hopefully everything goes well!!!)

What classes are you taking currently? And do you know if the classes I’m taking will be ok? I emailed BU’s transfer team and they told said this: “You’ll need to find UMass Amherst on our list of schools and cross reference your current classes with what we have available for that school. If a class you’re taking doesn’t appear on the list, it doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t transfer over. However, there is no guarantee it will grant credits, or, grant credits in a required course. But in most cases if the course is similar enough, the evaluation process will net a beneficial result. However your cases presents less hurdles, as many students come here from the UMass colleges. So when you access TES, you’ll see a ton of options. For example, your current Physics class was recently reevaluated and will transfer over as PY211, an ENG requirement, so that’s excellent. Most of your other classes should also be on the list.” I did this and only Physics and Calculus popped up so I’m kind of worried?

@officialianlee Hi! I’m majoring in chemistry, and it seems like majority of the course credits will transfer over. Using the transfer equivalency site, it seems like science and math courses are pretty okay atm. Not sure if you’re taking any gen-ed requirement classes at UMA, but I’m taking the englishwrit112 and based off of the TES it seems like there’s a class similar to the course at BU. But whether the course satisfy any major or core requirements at BU is unknown. The BU Hub is quite confusing atm… 8_8. Yea… But let’s stay in touch! add me on sc: gemini.s062
(If you are BU Guaranteed Transfer c/o 2024 add me on sc! I would like to create a gc so we can help each other and clear any confusions!)

Who do we contact to have our first semester grades sent over to Boston University? The deadline is Feb. 1st and I am kind of in a panic as to who I need to ask to have my grades transferred over. Can anyone help me asap? Thank you

All of you 2024 BU GT people - did you do it? How did it go? Would you recommend the guaranteed transfer option for Class of 2025 students? What were the pros/cons/challenges?

Thanks for any input! Trying to decide what to do…

Hey! I was wondering if you could let me know what ended up happening? I’m extremely anxious since I decided to pick UCF over my second choice, GWU. They gave me a 20k merit but it would still be in the realm of 60k a year so I thought it would be better to stay at UCF and commute to school (6k/year).

I committed to UCF last night but have until May 3rd for GWU. I keep finding mixed reviews about each college (worth it/not worth it/ overpriced/ etc etc). But, I’m pretty iffy about losing a year just to transfer.

Essentially, I was wondering if you could update me on what your son decided to do and if you guys went through with the transfer (if you don’t mind of course)?

I’d end up having to pay full since I don’t get financial aid and Boston offers no merit to transfers, so 3 years at BU = 4 years at GWU in terms of cost. I just have to pick which one I want the most. Would you say that BU is worth it for STEM (cs/eng./neuro) over gw?