I am waiting as well, good luck to us!

nope. i submitted some of my stuff late so i might be getting my decision late

has anyone else filled out an appeal form? if so, have you heard back or got any money from it?

So for accepted people our tuition payment is due tomorrow?

Yo guys. any group chat for admitted students.

Has anyone not received a decision? Still waiting…

I’m still waiting too

I’m still waiting as well

Still waiting, not sure what to do.

Have you heard anything?

Have you heard anything?

Seems like they’re closed until Monday, haven’t heard anything…

anyone hear back yet? Still waiting…

Just denied. Had high stats too.

They also lost a bunch of my documents in the beginning and said they wouldn’t hold me accountable since it was their fault and they ended up finding the documents. It’s been a nightmare from the beginning with the office.

I’m applying for fall 2021. So, for need base aid which year tax return i will be asked to submit?

most likely 2019 but not I’m not entirely sure. They asked for my parents 2018 tax return so I assume since it is a new year it would be 2019. I would call the finaid office to clarify tho

Thanks. What was your stats when you got in? What’s your major? Just curious :slightly_smiling_face: