Bowdoin College Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

This is not good advice. Your rudimentary math exercise is causing you to make poor inferences/conclusions.

Please share this data. I have not seen this to be the case. This is certainly not true at Bowdoin, just to stay with the school we’ve been taking about.

Even at schools where this numerical relationship might exist between test submitters and TO applicants, that data would still not necessarily suggest that the lack of tests (or presence of tests) is the reason for acceptance and non-acceptance.

The reality is that test submitters often have relatively stronger applications, a variable one must control for when making the claim you are making.


what question were you asked for the supplemental video?

I should have been clearer that my numbers on ACT/SAT submitters versus not submitters is not for Bowdoin (which has been test optional for a long time). This was based on an article I read a few weeks ago in which a researcher had real data from several schools including BC and ND. This article noted that these test optional policies is making it very hard for students deciding whether to submit scores and/or where to apply. Here is an example of the problem: Before test optional a school may have had a SAT range of 1420-1480 (25/75 percentiles). So a student with a 1460 would feel good being above the midpoint of 1450. Now the same school has a range of 1460-1520 b/c they are only counting submitted scores. So the student with a 1460 now has the dilemma of whether to submit scores and/or use their ED1/ED2 “ticket”. The article went on to say how frustrated guidance counselors are – as students keep asking them whether to submit scores (and then when they don’t get in, they sometimes blame the guidance counselor for bad advice).

That is true for some applicants but you are just deflecting my request, as you are conveniently ignoring what you wrote earlier, which is what I asked you for supporting data:

Since Covid, ~60% of applicants are submitting ACT/SAT scores at selective colleges with an acceptance rate twice as high as those that don’t submit scores.

You haven’t addressed my two requests for data supporting two separate posts of yours, so I assume you don’t have any. As your most recent info isn’t about Bowdoin, we are off-topic, but you can PM me any supporting data you have. I would truly like to see it.

My data source for the number of accepted students to Bowdoin per high school of 1.78 with 1.07 enrolling (1.07 / 1.78 =60% yield) is directly from Bowdoin’s admissions office – this is public information so anyone can do their own math. I realize this math is somewhat rudimentary but since colleges don’t release a lot of data on applicants, acceptances, etc. – this is the best I have.

Here are the data sources for the test optional stats and impacts of test optional policies:]

It was something like “what is your favorite academic class this year and why” I talked my AP gov class. This question was my second attempt at the video (you only get 2 attempts). The first question asked was “Explain a recent time when you had to make a sacrifice for others. What did you receive from the experience?” Hope this helps!


You did have two notable hooks. Congratulations!

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@carlosxhs you can feel confident and proud of your accomplishments that made you stand out from an incredible group of applicants and get accepted. Your humility is admirable and your achievements are amazing.

Similarly @Techno13 your son should feel great if accepted into Dartmouth and not be made to feel that his legacy status was the determinant of his success.

Carlosxhs congratulations and Techno13 good luck to your son.


We are quite aware that if my S23 gets into Dartmouth then legacy status is likely to have assisted.

I don’t think getting an acceptance and having a hook takes anything away from the accomplishment. It takes a ton work and talent to be in the pool where a hook might help you. But they often do help.


Lol just wanted to chime in about the five students in one class at Bowdoin. My HS (selective boarding & day) sent 6 people from the Class of 2022 to Bowdoin, but we had around 12 people apply. Most people did ED and were rejected. The college counseling office did not expect more people to get in ED2/RD, as we historically only sent 1-2 kids a year.

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Is it an advantage if nobody from your country is a Bowdoin?

Decisions out on the 3rd.


how do you know thats the decision date?

Our S19 only applied RD to Bowdoin (so was not deferred in ED as sunsh1’s son was) but all of his stats were very similar to @sunsh1 's son. 10 APs, 1540 SAT, National Merit Finalist, lots of non-sport ECs with leadership and a year round XC/track athlete. He was promised a spot to run on the team if he got in so was not officially recruited but was in touch with the coach.

He got in RD. I think your son has a really good chance.

S19 also has a friend on the team who was deferred in ED and accepted in RD. We will never know for sure but we think maybe interest in being on the team helped both of these students but they also had the stats needed to get accepted. Both of these boys wrote pretty vulnerable essays as well. Bowdoin likes a student who is self aware and can really show it in their essays.

I think traditionally they release ED2 decisions on the first Friday of Feb so it’s an educated guess

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Does bowdoin have any portal astrology


Anybody admitted?