Brandeis University Transfer Fall 2021

yeah it disappeared

It’s 7 PM !! have you received your decision yet?

Yeah I did, I got in :slight_smile:

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@Cris1 did you get in

Wow Congrats! I want to know your stats and major.

Yup! I got in!

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Major in Econ
high school gpa uw: 3.94/4.0
AP calc ab, bc. Ap psy, Ap gov they all 5
college gpa first semester: 3.7/4.0 midterm report:3.9/4
Good essay I think
NHS in high school, track team, soccer team, debate team.

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@ryarno @MTplanner @Yam19472 anyone of you heard back your decisions yet?

Nah, I figure more people will hear back next Thursday. Tbh idk if Brandeis has the budget for the amount of aid I need

Got accepted!

To those admitted so far, did you apply for aid and how is the offer?

I did not apply for aid

Nope. No decision from Brandeis

I received an email saying “Admissions Committee has completed decisions” and will release on Thursday Evening. Has anyone else received such email today? My application checklist has gone, but withdraw option is available.

I didn’t get that email. I still have my checklist with everything completed.

Anyone else hear from Brandeis?