Brown Class of 2022 Applicants Discussion

@Marzzz : Wait, I thought you are going to do Biochem. Duke engineering has no Biochem ( while Brown’s Chemical and Biochemical Engineering is ABET Accredited. ( If you are going to do EE, Duke is the clear choice.

@nrtlax33 I applied for biochem at Wellesley. But for Duke i applied for biomedical engineering. My first priority is definitely engineering! And Duke has a great program.

@Marzzz : Great choice. Congratulation!


Accepted, planning to attend the ADOCH program in mid-April to get a better feel for the university. As I am from Idaho, I have not had the opportunity to visit yet; however, the acceptance definitely piqued my interest! I have read that Brown has gained notoriety as having more “outgoing” students… can anyone attest to this? I am very extroverted, heavily involved in athletics and extracurriculars, and have been a little nervous that I will have a hard time finding a core friend group.

@the12thwoman : Congratulation to your acceptance to Brown. You can find a lot of information from Institutional Research. Factbook ( and Surveys ( sections have a ton of information. For example, in 2016, 4 matriculated students are from Idaho, 88% of the students are happy, etc. Every Brown student is different and I am sure you will find your friends in the community… Admissions office said they are looking for people who are most missed by their schools so you must have something unique. Numerous clubs and great athletic facilities. Come to ADOCH and see for yourself.

My son was accepted RD!!

He was waitlisted at Cornell, Penn and Berkeley; accepted at Bowdoin, Carnegie Mellon, UCLA, and others.

He will be attending Brown for sure.

@momfromoregon: Congrats! We just got back from an East Coast college tour with our HS jr daughter; although Brown was on spring break, she was able to strike up a conversation with one student still on campus, and I believe she still got a decent feel for the school. She still has a lot of time to think about which schools fit her best, however. Your son had some great schools from which to choose. What does he expect his initial concentration to be? What factors about Brown led him to choose to attend school there?

Can I please know your stats

@Jise82938 can I please know your college stats for plme

@the12thwoman, I have a daughter that’s now a sophomore at brown, and as of last week, my son will be joining the class of 2022. From what we’ve seen you will be exposed to a student body that represents a wide range of personalities with a dizzying array of interests; it seems there’s something for everyone. I would find it hard to believe that you won’t be able to find a place there. I have no doubt you’ll find some life long friends there.

@omgBrown Ditto…
I also have a sister (currently a sophomore) at Brown. I will be attending ADOCH (also UPenn’s Admitted Student event) next week - Class of 2022.

Congratulations! Sounds like your son had fabulous choices. May I ask where you’re from? Public or private school, city or other – general location? Thank you!

@momofcollegebound post #2342 was meant for you: Congratulations! Sounds like your son had fabulous choices. May I ask where you’re from? Public or private school, city or other – general location? Thank you!

If you think you should qualify, appeal by emailing and asking for a second look. We did that and cleared up some questions and got a better offer. Worth a try.

^^I did the same to appeal financial aid. Sent a nice letter and met with an aid officer (not sure if the meeting made a difference) and they ended up increasing my university scholarship by 8k. I was elated

Here were my results, for future reference:

Accepted: Brown, UCLA, Harvey Mudd College, and King’s College London.

Waitlist: Harvard, Caltech, Princeton, and Cal. (I’ll keep you guys updated)

Rejected: MIT (I applied EA and was deferred and then rejected).

Withdrawn: McGill and UCSB.

Other: Imperial College London (No idea what’s up with them).

SAT: 1550 (790 M 760 ERBW)
SAT II: 800 M2, 800 PHY, 770 USH
GPA (UW): 3.97
Demographic: European Male, Northeastern US
School: Private Prep
EC’s: Cross Country/Track, Quizbowl, Math Team, and Research.
Hooks: Good research in Physics, with published projects connected to a respected University and Prof.

I was a bit surprised by the results. I wholeheartedly thought I was a much better candidate for Caltech or MIT than any of the Ivies. I honestly thought it was likeliest that I would get rejected from all of the Ivies far before Caltech/MIT.

@help2017 Thanks. My son attended a public school in a suburb about 40 minutes outside NYC. It’s not a nationally ranked school or anything… in fact it suffers from inadequate funding, but has some excellent teachers nonetheless. He was not a URM or a 1st generation applicant.

I am happy to share that after attending the admitted student program, ADOCH, and also receiving an amazing financial aid package, today I committed to Brown. It’s my best fit. Hope to see you in the fall.

@JayZee21 Just saw this congratulations on Vandy. What a great school.