Brown Class of 2023 Applicants Discussion

Yup I had an interview a couple weeks ago!

I got my senior grades asked for like two days ago. What shall this mean?

Nothing. It all means nothing. Read nothing into it.

As I said yesterday on the Harvard forum, I’m almost now tempted to write “It means you were rejected” whenever anyone asks what something means. :open_mouth:

^ And you would be proven correct 82% of the time.

EVERYTHING ON THE PORTAL JUST DISAPPEARED EXCEPT FOR THE THANK YOU LINE. I am currently anxious, sleep deprived, and 6 hours away from a chemistry mock. Wow.

i triple checked and my test scores and everything is gone except thank you for applying, account tools, virtual tour. definitely doesn’t mean anything but yea.

My financial aid link is still there too along with thank you for applying

For me, everything but the line about financial aid, thanks for applying, account tools and virtual tour disappeared.

I like that it’s a “sincerely thanking you” anyways we wait

@skieurope thanks.

I wish this thread would be more active.

It’ll be VERY active in about 3.5 hours :slight_smile:

I left school early because LMAO ANXIOUS. im taking a nap until 6

I wish I could do that! Have a great nap

only 3 hrs and 30 mins left …

i have been shaking for the last three days. not fun.

@seraphim22 Try to calm down!! Try talking on this forum it helps me relax.

did we end up making a discord chat ?

Lets go guys :smiley:

good luck everyone <3333 remember this doesnt determine your personal worth or success