Brown Class of 2023 Applicants Discussion

@llama07 : See

The graded paper can be any length.

@MyGPAIsAnL Sorry for the late reply! But yeah, I can definitely see how writing about a mission trip can come off as pretentious. The thing about my trip is that it felt very much real to me, and I didn’t talk about a huge personal change because one didn’t really occur (it’s usually very cheesy anyways); it was more about a realization about my passions and how this trip helped me realize what I wanted to do in the future. Most of my essay focused on the kids and how they helped me see things in a new light. Honestly, though, if you write about something that’s very much real and you express it in a “real” way, I think that it can be evident. I sat down one afternoon and typed it all out, then went back and changed grammatical errors. The core of it remained the same because that was how I wanted to come across: genuine and sincere. Hope that this helped!

yall is the brown interview/video portfolio required??

@soccerlove6 I’m pretty certain it’s required…but you choose which one you want to do. I think the deadline to choose an interview was yesterday and videos are due by March 1.

@soccerlove6 … I’m going to rephrase my answer…the interview/video isn’t required but you do have to opt in to request an interview or to submit a video and there are deadlines for those.

Did anyone from FL get an interview? :((

Hey, can anyone who applied RD view their financial aid status? Mine says “access to view your Financial Aid status will be available shortly. Check back in 5-7 days for an update”. I’m worried that I’m the only one!

my son can see his through the banner link. Just says status received.

Lol can I still submit my graded paper? Portal is still open

is it compulsory for one to submit a graded paper ?

It’s encouraged if you didn’t submit the essay portion of the ACT/SAT. According to the website submission deadline was Jan 15th.

Just got my interview, super excited!

I applied to Brown RD (unfortunately did not have the chance to do so ED – long story) and I’m excited for decisions to come out! I admit, I might not be a perfect student on paper but I have many ECs and I worked very hard on my essays, and by what my counselor has told me, my letters of rec were outstanding. I really love Brown and I hope I get in, or even waitlisted, I would still be proud. Good luck everyone!!!

Patriotsfan007 in spite of your obvious poor judgement in NFL teams to support, best of luck! Your enthusiasm for Brown will hopefully come through in your application and resonate with admissions.

Only Patriot we pull for in this house is Pro Bowl fullback selection James Devlin from the Brown class of 2010.

hey guys, how long does it take to receive an interview if you opted in?

@aisblazer Mine’s too. I think they haven’t worked towards our applications yet, so don’t worry!

Thank you so much!! And yes, Develin did a great job last night protecting Brady and that reception to pick up the first down was pretty amazing… Hope to see a SB53 ring on his finger:)

@theoriginalbrown … did you send a letter to brown after you were deferred and if so can you share what you said

History major
1500 SAT superscored - two 1490s
95 weighted GPA
Honors/AP Courses

So our school will be sending out mid-year reports next week and I had the kid check all his portals to see which colleges wanted the mid-year reports. I noticed that Brown had two different things they still haven’t received, a “Mid Year School Report” and a “Mid Year Transcript”.

Anybody have any ideas on what the difference is in those two things?