Brown Transfer Fall 2022

yup, Princeton is coming out today so fingers crossed for answers on the other ivies soon!

The message at the top of the portal saying “we look forward to learning about you in the coming months” is gone. That was there this morning. Thoughts?

its out


Did you get an email that they’re out?

yeah they send an email



holy crap I got in


Congrats! Care to show your info/stats?

waitlist :confused:



rejected. congrats to all accepted! totally understand that admissions have gotten crazy, but was rejected from all 4 of my transfer schools (heard from 3 of them today) with a 4.0 college gpa, 1540 SAT, good ecs, etc. It’s not like I expected to get in, but it’s hard to know where to go from here when you’re depressed at your current college with no other options. if you got in, please go and enjoy it!

I got in!!

Accepted! Sociology and IR major.
3.92/4 unweighted high school gpa, 4.0 college gpa, 1560 SAT. sophomore transfer from a top 50 public university.


Does anyone know how many waitlist applicants Brown usually accepts? Absolute dream school

rejected! so confused :frowning: I had a 4.14GPA and 3 Media Internships. 4 student body awards. I was also VP of communications at my HS, and did soooo many media related extra curriculars. this college admissions process is so random. I wish the best for everyone who got in and are going! Brown is truly amazing! Make the most of it for the rest of us who didn’t get it!!