***Brown University 2018 Transfer Students Official Discussion Thread***

Current college: Muhlenberg
College GPA: 3.96 (one A- in a half-credit ballet class…)
ACT/SAT score: 34
Concentration: Theatre (possible minor or double major in physics)
High School GPA: 3.78
Applying for FA (Yes/No)?: Yes
Reason for transferring: Lots.

Transfer year: Fall '28
HS GPA: 3.74
College GPA: 3.925
ACT/SAT score: 33
Concentration: Environmental Studies
Applying for FA (Yes/No)?: yes
Reason for transferring: my current college isn’t as strong as I want it to be for my major and doesn’t give a lot of room for individualizing the major

Transfer year: Fall '18
HS GPA: 4.3W/3.85UW
College GPA: 3.913
ACT/SAT score: 1460
Concentration: Statistics
Applying for FA (Yes/No)?: Yes
Reason for transferring: currently a economics-math major, but want to enroll in an undergraduate statistics program

Y’all are so qualified, I don’t even know if I should apply…
Transfer Year: fall’18
Hs GPA: 4.3 W/3.75 UW
SAT: 2250
Concentration: Biology/WGGS
College GPA: 3.74
Not applying for FA
Reason for transferring: current college (top private uni for whatever the hell that means) isn’t really catering to my needs as a student with a very specific focus. Its a great school, its just I know that Brown’s open curriculum is way too good to pass up.

Transfer year: 2018 fall
HS GPA: 3.7(unweighted)
College GPA: 3.77
ACT/SAT score: 2010
Concentration: math or computer science
Applying for FA (Yes/No)?: No

I am currently at the top 30 public school, and I don’t like public school… it doesn’t have that many resources… and students here are not as competitive as I thought they would be. I screwed up my gpa because of general education requirements in California public school system…

67 transfer students were admitted last year. See https://news.brown.edu/articles/2017/09/firstyear#Class%20Profile.

@TheOldTimer I think that’s 67 students committed. There were more accepted.

@nuitnoire : Yes. My mistake.

Why aren’t most of y’all applying for FA?

@nuitnoire : Here is the data (two years old) which says in 2016, 1832 applied, 96 admitted, and 53 enrolled.


@TheOldTimer Yeah, for the past few years Brown’s acceptance rate has fallen far below 10%. I think it’s around 5-6% acceptance rate for both last and last last years transfer applicants.

Good luck to all who applied!

Just applied and am torturing myself by seeing how qualified everyone else is

Transfer year: Fall '18
HS GPA: 3.87
College GPA: 3.84 (got one B+, dang it)
ACT/SAT score: 33
Concentration: Literary Arts (or MCM)
Applying for FA (Yes/No)?: Yes
Reason for transferring: My school is really pre-professional-focused and Brown’s open curriculum is the perfect opposite for exploring new stuff

Transfer year: Fall 2018
HS GPA: ~94/100
College GPA: 4.0
ACT/SAT score: 35
Concentration: Behavioral Decision Sciences/Ethnic Studies
Applying for FA (Yes/No)?: Yes
Reason for transferring: Currently in top 20 LAC, but am looking for resources more specific to my area of study without compromising a close-knit liberal arts education.

Just applied and seeing how everything goes!

Transfer year: Fall '18
HS GPA: 3.74/4.00
College GPA: 3.788/4.000
ACT/SAT score: 29
Concentration: Public Health/Human and Health Biology
Applying for FA (Yes/No)?: Yes
Reason for transferring: Want to pursue public health at my own institution, but there are very limited resources at my home institution. Also want a smaller student community, as I come from a very large public ivy (approx. 20k undergrads).

How much weight do mid-term grades hold?

Transfer Year: Fall 18
HS GPA: 9.71/11, 10.47/11 Senior Year
College GPA: 4.0 A/A+
Mid-term GPA: 4.0 A/A+
SAT: 1570
Concentration: Earth Science
Applying for FA: No
Reason for transferring: Limited resources, smaller student community, family is from the Northeast.

Transfer year: Fall 2018(rising sophomore)
HS GPA: 3.85W
College GPA: 4.0 both semesters
ACT/SAT score: 2310
Concentration: Economics
Applying for FA (Yes/No)?: No
Reason for transferring: Limited research opportunities(emailed profs for months and none did work in my interest) and more motivated student body. Also, for a smaller environment.

Transfer year: Fall 2018, rising sophomore
HS GPA: 3.9 UW and 4.6 W
College GPA: 3.7
SAT score: 1370 (low, but hoping other things make up for that)
Concentration: International Relations with an emphasis on econ/development
Applying for FA (Yes/No)?: Yes
Reason for transferring: I originally chose my school because of its strong psychology program, but after changing majors/concentrations to IR, staying at my current school would be harmful to my goals. I like that Brown’s open curriculum and class offerings fit with my desired/proposed senior thesis, and I learn better in smaller classroom settings. I also prefer the NE. Everyone I know at Brown loves it there.

Good luck to everyone! You all seem like strong and great candidates. Fingers crossed for all of us.

Hey guys, I hope all of you get in. I am going to apply to Columbia and some other colleges next year. I had some questions regarding this process, so I started a new thread. I will be thrilled if you guys could help me with those questions.

The link is https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/college-admissions/2068818-important-college-transfer-related-questions-p1.html?new=1

Thank you.