Brown University Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

Wait i thought it was the 15th?

Yeah, I thought it was the 15th too


There is no official announcement on the date and time so at this point, it’s just mid-December.

If one more school is so vague as to say “mid-December” I will lose it /hj


This just came:

We are writing to notify you that beginning on December 15 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time, the checklist on your Brown Applicant Portal will no longer be available for viewing. Please double check the status of your application before this time to be sure that we have received your required materials. You will still have the ability to upload supplementary material through your portal.

Admission decisions for Early Decision applicants to the Class of 2027 will be available online December 20 beginning at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time.


Office of College Admission

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All other ivies come out tomorrow, but at least we know when now for brown.


Where did you get the info about release date?

they sent an email out!

The IDOC are financial forms Brown requested through college board.
Our guidance counselor sent grades on Dec 8. They were just her grades so far this semester. I think Brown requested them because when the guidance counselor sent in his school report, he said they aren’t ready until mid January. We did not get an email regarding the release date. I just read that on this site. Who/where/how did that information become available??? I’m sorry we have to wait sooooo long.

I would recommend you check your spam mail! if you’re applying ED, they sent an email that someone above posted. if you’re having trouble finding the email, just know that brown did confirm it!

i received the email at 10:34am EST this morning, (right as I was headed to 3rd period), so I would double check and maybe throw a search in your email with the tag “brown university” as well.

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Thanks. Never got the email.

Hmm. Did you check your spam folder? Even if you didn’t get it, just know decisions are coming.

(and i wish you all the best!! <3)

Not there. Weird. But yes, decisions are coming. I wish you the best too.

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All other ivies are tomorrow. I bet Brown got a ton of applications.

I’m sure they have a quite a few. It is an Ivy, after all.

Just got email. Yeah. 7:00 Tuesday.

that’s really late. 5 ivies are today (Yale already released an hour ago or so). Dartmouth is Friday.

Finally IDOCs processed. We get 2 requests this week. 4 days we will know. Fingers crossed. Don’t see stats out for other ivys. Just curious if application pools increased. Have a good weekend.

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Is getting an IDOC request an indication of anything? I didn’t get an IDOC request from Brown.

When I called Brown about it, they said financial aid and admissions are completely separate and many people don’t need to submit IDOC forms. Maybe it shows an interest, not sure. Brown did request her grades as they stood Dec 8. I’d like to think that was showing an interest because that’s from the admissions office. There are so few spots and so many people applying. We are hoping but keeping our feet firmly planted. This is my daughters dream school and has been for years. Good luck to you.