Brown's Selectivity vs. SAT Scores


<p>less than week before early decision day (in december) Brown contacted me to confirm whether or not I wanted financial aid or not. I told them I didn't want FA. But I would think that they already made the decision for my admission a few days before d-day, and why bother asking unless they were considering me? i still applied for FA after d-day, even after telling then i didn't intend to. it's not like it was too late to.</p>

<p>my SAT is below 1900, but i spent a lot of time on my essays. My only EC's were sports, though I don't play varsity @brown.</p>

<p>@popcharlie, ehh... I am still a little hesitant because I haven't yet seen too many people get in with really low scores. I walked in a grocery store and picked up a college magazine where they describe seven students' college process. They all went/got accepted to different schools but the kid who got into Brown had a 2400. So again anecdotes don't tell much, but they do influence your opinion a bit.</p>

<p>@AmazingOnline, so are you saying that you think that Brown doesn't look so closely at financial need? Do you guys know any other info about Brown's need-aware financial aid policy like how many internationals have their need satisfied?</p>

<p>I have no idea what the international applicant policy is but for US citizens, Brown is completely need BLIND for admissions.</p>

<p>@FireandRain What is your basis for stating that Brown is not need blind. Brown's website states unequivocably:</p>

<p>Brown is need blind. It admits students without regard to family financial circumstances. Brown also guarantees that it will meet the full financial need of its students during their matriculation.</p>


<p>i'm guessing he made a mistake and meant to say that Brown used to be need aware but now it's not true. He's quoting and refuting a post from someone claiming Brown is need aware.</p>