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<p>thanks rpicton! i've been meaning to do that.</p>

<p>Question for those participating in TSP:</p>

<p>Are you signing up for the Orientation 206 or signing up for orientation sooner??</p>

<p>Damn I really hope I get the first Orientation session :\ Do you guys know approx. how many students for each?</p>

<p>not sure.. Edelynly - are you participating in TSP?</p>

<p>I am not... Wish I were though. You guys have a head start to making friends and knowing the school! Jealous! :)</p>

<p>when were we supposed to have this done? I leave the forum for a couple days and I'm out of the loop...</p>

<p>Well you'll be sailing away somewhere enjoying your summer & we'll be stuck in some library.. haha Ucla library is SOOO NICE. I'm stoked actually.</p>

<p>Shawna, I'm registering for 206. It'll be so convenient! Well, for me at least, I'll be living on campus and so I can just walk on over to orientation!</p>

<p>I'm stoked for you!!! Tell me how it goes so I can experience it toooo</p>

<p>Does that sound creepy or what? Hahaha.</p>


<p>Exactly. :)</p>

<p>i am also jealous that you guys will get to make friends before everybody else.</p>

<p>^ Right?! I guess there is Facebook................ Ahahah</p>

<p>Hooray for friendship!</p>

<p>call me old fashioned but I'm not into "meeting" people online. I guess we'll just have to make friends at orientation.</p>

<p>Evan! Hello! I'll be living on campus too.. ;) In Rieber Hall.. Maybe next to you! ok that sounds creepy! ha but seriously I am looking forward to TSP! </p>

<p>just curious if you were signing up for an earlier orientation in fear of not being able to sign up for the classes we need to graduate...</p>

<p>Most definitely @ciaokarol. I was totally kidding. In no way am I endorsing online meet and greets, ahah.</p>

<p>haha true I am sure some of us will meet and recognize names..</p>

<p>i wonder how awkward that will be.....</p>

<p>ha I'm not worried about it but I was thinking I prob shouldn't have my name as a screen name.. When I signed up I didn't realize I was picking a screen name not that I would say anything personal on a forum anyway..</p>