BS/MD BS/DO Results - FALL 2022 applicants

Lecom is DO :-
Is this is direct entry or we need to study premed and Mcat and DO?
Is too much expensive?
Can you please help me how is life for DO? How many years we need to study etc…
My Daughter is 11 grade, She want go BSN nursing.( Some people told me Nursing hectic lifestyle).
Her GPA is good (4.0/4.0 UW) but SAT/ACT not good (1310/26)

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hi all, posting for my daughter. can’t believe i am doing this after feeling confused, frustrated, and stressed for many months! very grateful that i am getting to do this!!

ACT: 35   |   SAT: did not take   |   GPA: 4.0/4.4 uw  |   ORM / Indian   |   Ohio

ECs: varsity tennis captain  |  musician/team leader of school’s music club  |  vp of school student govt  |  fundraised for pediatric cancer  |  food pantry volunteer  |   NHS president at school  |  TA for ELL math class in school  |  secretary of korean culture club at school

Work: part time job as a dining server at a senior home

Medical ECs: virtual physician shadowing, hospice volunteer

Other stuff: computer science research internship at a public university (with publication)

Rec letters: didnt read, but must have been good. very friendly personality, had great relationship with teachers always.

Hooks: none

plan A: get into BS/MD
plan B: land a good merit scholarship from Case western undergrad
plan C: Ohio state undergrad

Undergrad-Only programs:

  • Ohio State Neuroscience   |   accepted into honors with 3K / year merit
  • Ohio State BMS program   |   rejected pre-interview
  • Michigan            |   wait-listed

BS/MD Programs - Rejected pre-interview:

  • Rutgers     |    UG accepted no $

  • Rochester    |      UG accepted with 10k / year

  • Stony Brook   |       UG accepted with 15k / year, not that it mattered - but we were surprised about not getting into Honors/Wise

  • UPitt       |     UG accepted with 15k / year

  • Case       |      UG waitlisted - and with that, Plan B went down the drain!

Interviewed at Cincinnati, placed on alternate list, received acceptance on 05/11 !!

Decision before May 1st : Ohio State undergrad
Decision after May 11th : Cincinnati Connections BS/MD

Some extra info:

daughter wanted to be a vet until 10th grade. changed her mind mid-way thru the sophomore year. all her ECs with senior home, hospice etc was all stuff she started doing from early middle school because she cared. nothing was ever a checklist item for resume. infact, we didnt even consider going the BS/MD route until after she landed a 35 in her only attempt at the ACT.

some might feel that we did not apply broadly enough. but considering what our goal was, i still stand by our college list. these essays are a pain, i have a lot of respect to some of these kids here who applied to 15-20 schools or more, but my daughter could not have done it. :slight_smile:

essay counsellor experience: really pushed her to think through better examples. couldnt have done this without her. counsellor kept warning us that BS/MD admits were almost impossible because of zero clinical experience, esp being ORM.

firstly, ohio does not permit EMT volunteering until the kid turns 18. we dont have personal doctor friends whom we could have requested favors. on top of it, everything was closed during COVID and we couldnt find shadowing / clinical volunteering using regular process.

So… though we knew that chances were low-none, we just believed that her hospice musical volunteering and work experience at senior centers truly showed her empathy, leadership, and character to pursue medicine. she had a lot of meaningful experiences with serving seniors at both places and a couple of essays highlighted that.

every reject was painful until cincinnati finally called her for an interview. her interview coach was amazing and she came a LONG way from her first mock interview (which was like a cartoon show!) to the 5th interview where her preparedness and confidence really came through. i dont know what we would have done if we hadnt found this coach! you know who u are and a BIG, BIG thank you, we will remember your contribution always! :slight_smile:

getting waitlisted at Case RD for undergrad was super painful. i wrote a very long post (Thread for BS/MD BS/DO 2021-2022 - #4231 by happyFlamingo) on the main forum and received overwhelming support from all the senior members there. was very grateful to get several ideas from them and we followed through on some of them.

fast fwd to may 11 - getting the acceptance from Cincinnati was the best possible outcome for our daughter and family. we are beyond thrilled that this ordeal is ending on such a happy note. thank you to a couple of you on this forum for declining your cincinnati admits and deciding to enroll elsewhere :slight_smile:

Lastly, dont really have a lot of advice for parents of future applicants, except -

  • each kid’s story/motivation is different. let us just make sure they are happy and let us not nudge/pressurize them towards medicine
  • application process is treacherous. always encourage them and let them know that u are proud of them through rejects and wait-lists
  • things will always work out at the end, BS/MD or not, medicine or not.

State: CA

Gender: female

Ethnicity: Asian

Income: >200k

Hooks: none


  • GPA: 4.0 (UW), 4.6 (W) at time of the application, Class Rank: 1/518
  • SAT: 1530 (two attempts, 750 R/W, 780 Math), SAT Math II: 800

AP Classes and Scores

  • AP Euro, AP Human Geo, AP Calc AB, AP US History: 5
  • AP Bio, AP Lang: 4
  • AP Physics, AP Comp Sci Principles, AP 3D Art, AP Macroeconomics: did not take exam/will not take exam
  • AP Stats, AP Microeconomics, AP Spanish Lang, AP Psychology, AP Lit: taking this year

Letters of rec

  • Teachers: very strong from calc and lang teacher
  • Counselor: not seen but presumably strong
  • Coach and volunteer supervisor: very, very strong


  • All just athletic and academic awards from school or club, nothing that was really special
  • Recognized in local non-profit and county-wide article/newsletter for community service passion project


  • 300+ hours overall
  • Founded a community service club in sophomore year (president for all three, somewhat medically related)
  • Other club: president for one year, volunteer coordinator for 1 year, member all four years, coordinator and initiator of project to make homeless care packages
  • National Honor Society: treasurer for 1 year, community service committee for one year, initiator and coordinator of menstrual product drive for students in need
  • Math and Sci Club secretary for 2 years
  • Helped initiate volunteer position/group at a local non-profit for students and senior member of that volunteer group
  • Volunteer at local nursing home
  • Volunteer for local Catholic Youth Ministry group
  • Volunteer swimming dryland conditioning coach
  • Swimmer for 10 years: HS team captain for two years, club team MVP, club team junior national development group, qualified for national-level swim meets, recruited by D1 schools + top D3 schools (NYU, Johns Hopkins, CalTech), CIF finalist freshman and junior year (sophomore year – COVID)
  • Research w/ academic physician at T20 med school: >100 hours, research paper in review to be published
  • Shadowed two doctors (an internist and a specialist): 100 hours

BS/MD Programs:

  • Stony Brook Scholars for Medicine: interviewed, ACCEPTED
  • ACPHS/SUNY Upstate Accelerated Scholars: interviewed, ACCEPTED (forwarded by Purchase too but SUNY chooses med school based on which UG ranks you higher on their list)
  • Saint Peter’s University/NJMS: interviewed, ACCEPTED, over full-tuition scholarship
  • SLU Medical Scholars: no interview, ACCEPTED + accepted as Presidential Scholar (full-tuition scholarship, must interview for it)
  • Baylor/Baylor: invited to faculty session w/ UG, interviewed by med school, waitlisted
  • Brooklyn College/SUNY Downstate: interviewed, waitlisted
  • Siena/AMC: interviewed, waitlisted
  • Hofstra: waitlisted for interview
  • UPITT GAP: forwarded to med school, rejected pre-interview after med school essay evaluation
  • Drew University/NJMS: interviewed by undergrad for BA/MD, rejected pre-interview w/ med school
  • Brown PLME: no interview, rejected for UG and PLME
  • Case Western PPSP: rejected pre-interview, withdrew UG application
  • Rochester REMS, VCU, Caldwell/NJMS, Rutgers/NJMS, Oklahoma MHSP, UArizona APME, Adelphi/Upstate, UAlbany/Upstate, FAU: rejected pre-interview, accepted for undergrad


  • Harvard: rejected
  • Cal Poly SLO (biochem): waitlisted (surprised since it was a safety)
  • University of the Pacific: accepted
  • University of South Florida: accepted
  • Local public university: accepted

Decision: Stony Brook Scholars for Medicine (honors college)

Scholarship: 10k/year

Reflections/advice/things I learned:

  • College confidential is a great resource for info, but don’t let what other people are saying on here freak you out, some people will get interviews and acceptances at different times from the same school
  • Don’t be intimidated by the stats/profiles people post on here, everyone has different strengths and things to offer that a school might find impressive
  • DO NOT shy away from applying to a school because you think you might not be good enough/won’t get in because of your stats, BS/MD admissions is a wild process and you just don’t know if there’s something the admissions team might like about you despite “lower” stats (i almost didn’t apply to my program of choice because I thought I wasn’t gonna get in)
  • Stats do matter, but not as much as some people think (i know someone who got into a program w/ <1400 SAT because she had really good interviews) – your personality/character and meaningful experiences shown by essays, LORs, and interviews matter A LOT more
  • Use your connections if you have them to get shadowing/research experience and don’t be shy about reaching out to ask doctors for them
  • Apply to lots of schools/cast a wide net: acceptance rates for these programs are VERY low, sometimes lower than Ivies, so increase your chances of getting into one by applying to many, also apply to schools (BS/MD and reg UG) of all tiers – if you do, start applications EARLY, you’ll be writing A LOT of essays (great time for reflection though)
  • Choose what safety schools/non-BS/MD schools to apply to wisely: did not apply to UC Berkeley, UCLA, and other popular schools t20s because they’re known for grade deflation and are very large schools to compete at for pre-med – high GPA (3.8 or higher), strong LOR, and research (both easier to get at smaller institutions where u can get to know profs) are important when applying to med school if u go trad route
  • Apply to Baylor/Baylor!!!: if you make it to the faculty session (first round after initial application review), you will learn SO much that could help prep you for other interviews and learn a lot about medicine, applying to it was probably the best choice I made during the admissions process, Baylor/Baylor process was my absolute FAVORITE experience in the whole admissions process
  • Most interviews were very conversational, be ready to talk about yourself and your passions beyond your interest in academics and medicine, interviews can be a great learning opportunity too
  • Expect rejection (lots of it) and trust the process – admissions counselors also evaluate whether or not you would be a good fit for the school, so just bc you don’t get in doesn’t mean it’s because you’re not good enough. What schools you get into and what scholarships you get do not define who you are, so don’t let rejection get the best of you!
  • when all is said and done, don’t just pick the “best” top ranked school; choose the school that is the best fit for you and that you think will make u grow into the best doctor u can be! at the end of the day, patients will not ask you where you went to med school. they just want a doctor that will treat them with compassion and kindness, and that’s what really matters.

Good luck to future applicants, and I hope this helps! Feel free to PM me if u have questions (probably will not be on CC after this summer)