Bucknell University Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Nice, I’m applying for chemistry in the College of Arts and Sciences.

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I am! Applying to School of Management for Data Analytics. Good luck!

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Good luck, everyone. Will be a long few weeks.

Anyone know how many ED1 apps Bucknell received this year? I’ve seen that a lot of other schools have seen increases….

I don’t think they released that info yet…too soon. Just waiting impatiently for my decision! Cant come any sooner!!

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Just received an email – ED I decisions will be available on Wednesday, Dec. 15 after 9pm.


Ahhhh, one week!!

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Anyone ready to start looking for ED notification?

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I’m ready, nothing yet. Good luck everyone!!

Good luck to you and everyone.

Can’t wait. My son is by his computer.


My son got in!!


Congrats to your son! I was deferred.

any news on scholarships?

My son was accepted with a Dean’s Scholarship!


No scholarship here but just happy to be in!


I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you get in in the RD round. Good luck.

I’m sorry to hear this. Keep the faith. Show continued interest. Saying a little prayer you will go where you want to be :heart:


Same here. Congrats to you also.