Business with Russian

<p>Where can I find a program such as business administration with a concentration or minor in Russian, International Business with Russian, Marketing with Russian etc. ?</p>

<p>Have you tried double majoring in International Business and Russian? I don't know of specific majors and schools.</p>

<p>He's better off double majoring in International Business and another business field (Marketing?) and a minor in Russian.</p>

<p>Is Russian a good language to learn for business? Just wondering because I'm exploring options for another language, and I already know some spanish (which I can review on my own), and since a lot of people are jumping on the mandarin train already, I'm thinking it might be worth learning russian since not as many people are jumping on it, and it might be useful since russia is a BRIC.</p>

<p>Well, I'm still a high school student graduating in 2010 (answer to #2). To #4: I think it is, because Russia is one of the most powerful and developed countries as far as economics is concerned. In addition, I am from Eastern Europe and have been to Russia once, I liked the country very much, so I think learning Russian will work perfectly for me. I mean establishing contacts there will let me travel to Russia often and enjoy the country; therefore, I will be able to combine work and fun.</p>

<p>Many in my generation (I'm 50) thought learning Russian would be ideal for business. It did not pan out mostly because what was once Russia does business on terms most first world countries won't deal with. It remains corruption based. Note that this global recession has been particularly hard there, with Russian billionaires falling off cliffs.</p>

<p>^ Oh please... Countless major Western corporations have been implicated in the kind of business that's conducted on "Russian terms." I haven't heard of any transactions that didn't involve that sort of thing in the 90s. But things are changing now, as the government is trying to assert itself in places over which it lost control after the union was disintegrated.</p>

<p>I think it's a good idea for somebody from Eastern Europe to learn Russian because Russia is trying hard to regain its presence there, and so business opportunities should readily be available. Of course, NOTHING is quite certain in the current crisis, but it's important to remember that NOTHING lasts forever.</p>