Cal Poly Humboldt new Mechanical Engineering major

Yes, correct. We’re applying to 3 robotics programs and they all seem to have a slight variation:

ASU: Engineering, Robotics concentration, B.S.E.
UC Riverside: Robotics, B.S.
UC Santa Cruz: Robotics Engineering, B.S.
I probably should understand the difference between a BSE and a BS degree. And I’ll also have to figure out the difference between Robotics and Robotics Engineering. We don’t have any engineers in the family so this is all new to me.

Different bachelor degree titles BS and BSE for engineering majors do not really matter.

Of course, the courses and curricula may differ at the different schools.

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I’d check too - can all classes be done on campus or do some (non engineering) take place in Tempe. There is a shuttle but says it’s 50 minutes.

A lot of the UCs offer the option to select “Engineering-undeclared” as a major. Are there any pros or cons to selecting this instead of selecting a specific Engineering major?

I don’t think he has a shot at Cal Poly SLO for ME. I wouldn’t write it off completely though. I’d suggest he apply for General Engineering. They expect students to switch majors, so they lower the barriers. It’s a bit easier to get in.

If he does ultimately land there, he’ll want the mechatronics concentration if he wants to do robotics.


I agree, SLO is a long shot for sure, and definitely expect a rejection. But I like your idea of applying for General Engineering…will do that. Thanks for the tip.

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Check each campus on how one declares a specific engineering major after starting engineering undeclared.

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For all UC campuses which offer admit data, Undeclared Engineering has comparable to lower admit rates than ME. (UCB/UCLA/UCI/UCM) but I agree you should check each UC campus on how Undeclared Engineers need to declare a specific specialty.

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If you are able to provide the link to the site that where I can research by major, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you!

Here are the links to see admit rates for 2021:

UCI: Undergraduate Admissions | Office of Institutional Research | UCI

UCR: Admission: Undergraduate | Institutional Research

UCM: Undergraduate Applicants, Admits, and Enrollments | Center of Institutional Effectiveness

Cal Poly SLO target projections:

SDSU: Applications by Major – Analytic Studies & Institutional Research

No link but based on historical information, UCB’s Undeclared Engineering is one of the tougher Engineering admits.

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Wow! Thank you, this is very helpful!

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Check out Chico State. It has an awesome, yet underrated engineering school.