Caltech Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

Is Defer rare for Caltech as it seems to be for CMU ED? They didn’t release the EA stats

I think so. I haven’t seen any statistics for last year or the years before as well.

It was many years ago, but they wanted proof of son taking physics & ? Then he was accepted in spring.

Caltech received 13,026 applications and admitted around 500 (of which 270 enrolled) last year. As usual, it doesn’t break down the numbers between EA and RD.

Thanks for those numbers. Looks like they are in 4% acceptance rate. Not sure about this year. Just curious, where did you get this data from?

13,026 and 270 are from their various official announcements. The number of admitted is calculated from their announced yield of 54% and the class (of 2025) size of 270. I don’t know the number of freshmen who took a gap year the prior year so I ignored it. If that number was 25 (or about 10% of its freshman class), then the actual number admitted last year would be 454 (for an acceptance rate of just under 3.5%).


D22 has 3.89 UW GPA (B+s in health and PE, she’s a dragger in PE and non-core). President of school Math club and heads a girls-only organization that promotes competitive math. President of National French Honors society and VP and founder of school’s physics club. Runs her local math program and teaches competition math to kids. Published a mathematical research papers with a prof and 2 others in a peer reviewed journal. Lot of math competitions (4 AIME, 3 Math Prize and Mathleague nationals thrice, placed in HMMT, SMT, BMT college level math contests), took linear algebra and multi-variable calculus from UC Berkeley and community college, got 4.0s in them.

She got her LORs from her math teacher who knows her inside out and her French teacher with whom she worked with since she was a freshman until now. Additional recommender is her mentor of her research who is a professor in a state university.

Self-studied and took AP Calculus BC, AP CSA and AP Chem and got a 5, 4, 4. Took AP Lang, APUSH, AP French, AP Calc and AP Phys 1 in Junior year and TAed her French teacher and now it is Eng 12, AP Gov, AP Phys C (E&M), AP CSA, AP Stats, Engineering Design. Our school doesn’t offer APs in 9 and 10th grades and they restrict doubling up on sciences and math.

I’m sure plenty smart kids out there waiting for their turn. Good luck to all of them.


This is a scary stats. Congratulations to your D22!

Did anyone receive a personal/handwritten message on their acceptance letter?

Yea! And a handwritten signature

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It’s so kind of them to send individually written note to admitted students. My D22 was on cloud 9 reading it, first personalized acceptance.


Congratulations to D22. Very impressive stats.

It seems like you need research, recruited athlete or an international award to get into Caltech. Son was rejected with 4.0 unweighted high level math courses decent ECs but no research or international awards. Good luck to those who got in.