Cameron Impact Scholarship for Class of 2023

Well now I’m nervous mine didn’t go through! A receipt for the application itself? Did you ask for one, or was it unprompted?

Just found out about this and am planning to get my application in soon. Approx how long did it take you guys to write the essays?

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Several hours (not in one sitting) to get everything typed out, and then a couple hours more for editing. I had my parents and a few friends proofread for tweaks and typos – but don’t let them change the substance of your writing, keep that true to you!

Don’t rush with the application, since the deadline isn’t until September 9 at noon PT. The only reason you’d benefit from getting it in earlier would be if the total number of apps is approaching 3,000. That’s the maximum number they’ll review, so keep an eye on their Instagram and/or website just in case. And good luck!

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Did you ask them for this receipt?

Not sure what @Kenneth_Frisard did, but I had to ask whether they had gotten my application. I got a confirmation reply several days later. That suggests they didn’t send everyone a receipt, so as long as you got everything in on time I wouldn’t worry about it.

how many days after emailing did you receive a response?

6 days.

Who is getting so anxious about this??

hey, would you mind checking what day you received the rejection email?

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guys, im so nervous omg. good luck to you all.

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Did anyone hear back yet?

They sent out results an hour ago.

RIP. did anyone get finalist?

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I was rejected BAHAHAHAH. imma go cry now

what were everyone’s profile here?

did you get finalist?

I missed the call yesterday but did get an email confirming I’m a finalist! I know getting the actual scholarship is close to impossibel but just glad to have made it this far. Good luck to everyone else who is still waiting to hear and if you didn’t get this one there are still many others out there to try for I’m sure.

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Rejected. Oh well – it was good essay-writing practice. Congrats to @HALTML and any other finalists here.

rejected as well.
what do you all think about the option to reapply for the next round???
A whole new app?