Can a "mainstream" girl find a place at Smith and/or MH?

<p>The fact that there are FML sites for many schools does not mean that what's said there is not reflective of some of the students there. It's hard to believe that PBLEIC has followed all of the named colleges (that would be a full time job). I have followed a few FML sites, and the entries from different schools are different from one another, and do reflect some particular concerns at those schools. Sure the postings there are anonymous, but aren't they here also? Are things there less reliable than here? Anyway, there is generally a grain of truth in such things. You can be the judge. The fact the college kids have many of the same complaints at all schools, as our expert PBLEIC says, may actually show that all of these schools are equally "mainstream" or are equally not "mainstream", or are equally equal. However, MHC DOES have a large international population, larger than the others, I believe. I don't think that it is entirely because of conservative foreign parents -- MHC actually sends admissions officers abroad to recruit. The large international student population at MHC is a selling point for many US prospies.</p>

<p>As to where internationals come from at MHC, see:</p>

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<p>I don't think we're saying the students are lying, we're saying that it's not a reliable sample. It doesn't give you an honest understanding of the general feeling of the student body because only a small fraction of students post there. So to say, "From looking at FML you can tell that Wellesley students whine a lot and have a lot to complain about" is like saying "From looking at San Quentin prison you can tell that all Americans are criminals." It's true for the population you're looking at, but it's not true for the population as a whole. </p>

<p>And I'm pretty sure that all of the women's colleges send officers abroad to recruit now. Particularly in the Middle East and Persian Gulf areas (I'm actually a little surprised there are not more Middle Eastern students at MHC, according to that map. We had many more at Smith), as of recently, which is an interesting trend in itself. Not at all surprised that the largest country sending students to MHC by FAR is China. Not sure how Smith would break down, though I know we're well represented internationally. I would bet that Wellesley is also VERY well represented internationally, it's name and proximity to Boston would be a selling point to me if I were an international student.</p>

<p>Eh, as a current student, I wouldn't take Wellesley FML (or another college's FML for that matter) too seriously. I think the speed of updates depends on the moderator or popularity of the FML site at each school.</p>