can more graduated seniors do "actual results" threads?

<p>One current post lists a person's stats, what schools they applied to, and their results. This would be an even better alternative to someone randomly posting "can i get into cornell?" We don't know, but looking at the stats of people who did and did not get in will help you make a more educated guess.</p>

<p>See what I'm saying? So could more graduated seniors who just went through the process post their stats and results? That would rock! Thanks guys!!</p>

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<p>I second that request. I would rather see the actual results then tell someone his chances.</p>

<p>Just search for 2006 decisions in the school you're interested in's forum. Basically all the schools have acceptance/rejection threads, although you're going to find a higher percentage of acceptances posted than rejections because people aren't going to come on and brag about their rejection. Or if you find a poster with similar stats, search that member's posts and check out where they got in/were rejected.</p>

<p>Accepted: Stanford, University of Chicago, Carnegie Mellon, Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UCI
Waitlisted: Amherst
Rejected: HYP, Penn, Brown, Dartmouth, Duke, Williams, Northwestern</p>

<p>Interesting Note: went 6/7 at schools that ignore frosh year; 1/10 at schools that include it.</p>

<p>School Type: Public
Location: California
Race/Gender: Caucasian
Prospective Major: Econ
Unweighted GPA: 3.80
Weighted GPA: 4.43
Class rank: 19 of 702 </p>

<p>SAT I Scores
SAT I Math: 800
SAT I Critical Reading: 800
SAT I Writing: 730 </p>

<p>SAT II Scores
SAT II Literature: 700
SAT II U.S. History: 730
SAT II Math IIC: 800 </p>

<p>Long-form Info</p>

<p>Extracurricular Info
Fundraising is my strong point ($$$ donated generally 1/2 to HS senior class & other 1/2 to help w/ China's orphanages - my family adopted & I am really involved w/ that):
*Ran a golf tournament & silent auction fundraiser. Raised $11,400. 51 golfers, 96 dinner guests. 360 personal volunteer hrs; other volunteers put in another 450.
*Ran a Bowl-A-Thon Fundraiser. Raised $1,600. 160 participants. 80 personal volunteer hrs; other volunteers put in another 90
*Ran a Luncheon Fundraiser. Raised $1,100. 65 lunch guests. 25 personal volunteer hrs. </p>

<p>Other strong point:
*Wrote a ~25pg paper that uses multivariate linear models to demonstrate a type of selection process in economics. I got an amazing rec from a college professor of mine - she said it was "much more advanced than any undergraduates I've taught at community college, NYU, and USC." </p>

*Started a small business at school that sells aids that make graphing easier for students. Made $350 last yr. Not sure about this yr, but profits are going to Hurricane relief.
*Volunteer as an assistant teacher in a program that helps children recently adopted from China keep in touch w/ Chinese language/culture (my family adopted my sister 2 yrs ago). Also started a program to donate a box of essentials to a different orphanage in China each month.
*Cross Country & Track 9th - 11th
*Boys Scouts (Life Scout)
*Math tutor
*Religious School & Service
*Freshman Mentor </p>

<p>Work Experience
*Worked at McDonald's since end of sophomore year (18 months). 13hrs/wk year round
*Peer Tutor 3hrs/wk yr round </p>

<p>Awards (nothing special):
*AP Scholar w/ Honor
*Finalist in ROP Business & Management Program
*Finalist in SoCal Leadership Contest
*"Most Likely to Change the World" - maybe means something in class of 700
*Honor Roll & CSF </p>


<p>Other Info
split up the ranks b/c our transcript has both and Princeton, Stanford, CMU, and UCs ignore freshman year:
*GPA 9-12: 3.63 UW / 4.03 W
*Rank 9-12: 60/707 </p>

<p>*GPA 10-12: 3.80 UW / 4.43 W
*Rank 10-12: 19/707 </p>

<p>By grade:
*9th - 3.33 UW / 3.33 W
*10th - 3.60 UW / 4.00 W
*11th - 3.89 UW / 4.56 W
*12th - 4.00 UW / 5.00 W (only student in class to have this)</p>

<p>BUMP. thanks to those who are beginning to post theirs! make them separate threads, too...for easier access. awesome</p>

<p>Accepted: Duke (attending), NYU($10,000/ year), USC(half-tuition/year), UCLA, UC-Berkeley(Regents & Chancellors sch.)
Waitlisted: Dartmouth
Rejected: Brown, Yale, Stanford</p>

<p>School Type: Private
Location: California
Race/Gender: Caucasian
Prospective Major: Political Science
Unweighted GPA: 4.04 (school gives 4.25 for A+)
Weighted GPA: 4.89
Class rank: School doesn't rank</p>

<p>SAT I Scores
SAT I Math: 670
SAT I Critical Reading: 800
SAT I Writing: 800 </p>

<p>SAT II Scores
SAT II Literature: 780
SAT II U.S. History: 740
SAT II Math IIC: 720
SAT II Bio (M):710</p>

<p>AP Scores:
Calc AB: 5
US: 5
Gov't US: 5
Bio: 5
Lang: 4 </p>

<p>Long-form Info</p>

<p>Extracurricular Info
*10 Years of youth theater, with leading roles and leadership positions
*8 Years voice lessons
*3 Years dance (tap, jazz)
*2 Years high school choir w/ Carnegie Hall performance
*1 Year high school theater
*Several school academic awards
*Several school choral awards
*Nominated for a best actress award through my theater group
*National Merit Scholar ($2500)
* HOBY Ambassador
*I applied via the common app and wrote supplemental essays whenever they were asked for. I'm a strong writer, so I'm sure that helped.
*Both teacher recs were glowing.
*I had a very good relationship with my counselor, so I'm sure hers was also good.
*I had my mom write a supplemental rec for Duke, and I think it really helped my app. She discussed my tenacity in pursuing excellence in theater.
Random Extras
I switched high schools after sophomore year, moving from an academically mediocre parochial school to a competitive prep school. This probably helped in the "obstacles overcome" dept., as I maintained straight A's at a more difficult school.</p>

<p>I'll share mine too</p>

<p>GPA: 3.6 uw / 3.9 w
Frosh GPA: 3.7
Soph GPA: 3.6
Junior GPA: 3.7 uw / 4.0 w
Senior GPA: 4.0 uw / 4.5 w
ACT: 35
SAT II Bio and Math IIC: 800</p>

<p>My EC's are pretty standard.
300 hrs comm service.
Summer internships at various high-tech and research firms all three years.
Varsity soccer and swimming
Piano (go figure, I'm asian)</p>

Rejected: UC Berkeley
Waitlisted: JHU, Cornell
Accepted: Rice (matriculating), UCSD</p>

<p>i think the OP wants specific Threads to be given... prolly so they're easier to search for ... and comment on</p>

<p>Accepted: Swarthmore, Williams, Pomona, Wellesley, Wesleyan, Oberlin, Kenyon
Rejected: Yale</p>

<p>School Type: Private Jesuit
Location: California
Race/Gender: biracial. marked other on applications but national achievement prolly gave it away.
Prospective Major: undecided
Unweighted GPA: 3.6
Weighted GPA: 4.2
Class rank: n/a</p>

<p>SAT I Scores
SAT I Math: 760
SAT I Critical Reading: 680
SAT I Writing: 740
ACT- 32</p>

<p>SAT II Scores
SAT II Literature: 720
SAT II U.S. History: 720
SAT II Math IIC: bad. lets not discuss that</p>

<p>Long-form Info</p>

<p>Extracurricular Info
Frosh Mentor
Retreat Leader
Member of three choirs
private voice lessons
have performed lead roles in three musicals during the last 2 years
guitar lessons
student tutor
handbell choir</p>

5 hours a week for three years with a swim program for children and teens with cerebral palsy.
300 hours a summer for two years for a day camp
5 hours a week for one year with the city children's chorus. </p>

<p>Work Experience
*Babysit- 10 hours a week
no time for a real job</p>

*National Merit Commended Student
*Questbridge finalist
*Quest SCholars semifinalist
*National Achievement Finalist
*California Scholarship Federation life member</p>

<p>Accepted: All UC's</p>

<p>School Type: Public
Location: California
Race/Gender: Asian
Prospective Major: Undeclared
Unweighted GPA & UC GPA: 3.7
Weighted GPA: 4.0
Class rank: top 5%</p>

<p>SAT I Scores: 1880
SAT I Math: 650
SAT I Critical Reading: 600
SAT I Writing: 630</p>

<p>SAT II Scores
SAT II U.S. History: 630
SAT II Math IIC: 650</p>

<p>Extracurricular Info
Varsity Baseball 10-12</p>

<p>wow you got into all of the UC's with those scores...sweet deal</p>

<p>Public School
Upstate NY
UW GPA: 3.4
AP English Lang.
AP History
AP Biology
AP English Lit.</p>

<p>3 Years varsity baseball, volunteer pee-wee basketball assistant coach, school newspaper, spanish club, class secretary (freshmen), class treasurer (senior) and stage crew.</p>

<p>Accepted: Syracuse University (will attend), Penn State U.-University Park, SUNY University at Albany, SUNY College at Cortland, Ithaca College and LeMoyne College.</p>

<p>Rejected/Waitlisted: none</p>

<p>When listing schools, please note where you will be attending (unless you think it will create confidentiality issues.)</p>

<p>Attending: McGill University</p>

<p>Accepted: Boston University (SMG), Northeastern, Penn State-University Park, RPI and American</p>

<p>Waitlisted: SUNY-Binghamton, Syracuse</p>

<p>School Type: Public
Location: New York
Race/Gender: White
Prospective Major: Management?
Unweighted GPA: 3.8
Class rank: N/A</p>

<p>ACT: 27 (30 English; 28 Math)</p>

<p>Extracurricular Info:
-Science Club, School Newspaper, Designed HS Website, Volunteering, and a few other things</p>

<p>ill do my brother's:</p>

<p>Gpa: 3.7 UW at both community college and H.S
4.0 W </p>


<p>SAT: 1150 (math & verbal)</p>

- Varsity tennis
_ JV wrestling
- NHS</p>



<p>i can do my sister, even though she looked at schools that people on this board would rarely be interested in:</p>

<p>White female, competitive public high school, CT. documented medical issues and resulting LDs.</p>

<p>3.3gpa (UW, but only took 1 AP class, no honors)
~1060 SAT</p>

Most show her passion in working with kids (jobs, volunteering)
some other volunteer work
active member/president of youth group
weekly religious culture classes (at night)
2 yrs on sports team
2 yrs of band</p>

<p>excellent recs
good essays </p>

<p>uconn- deferred, rejected
northeastern- rejected
bryant - accepted, large scholarship
quinnipiac- accepted
uri - accepted
u hartford- accepted, half tuition, attending.</p>

<p>sorry but what is UC</p>

<p>Generally, UC would refer to any school within the University of California system. However, it could represent a variety of other schools.</p>

<p>Accepted: Penn (Wharton) ED
Rejected: None
Waitlisted: None</p>

<p>School Type: Public
Location: California
Race/Gender: Asian
Prospective Major: Real Estate and Finance
Unweighted GPA: 3.80
Weighted GPA: 4.3
Class rank: 17 of 410</p>

<p>SAT I Scores
SAT I Math: 740
SAT I Critical Reading: 640
SAT I Writing: 700 (essay 11)</p>

<p>SAT II Scores
SAT II Math IIC: 710
SAT II U.S. History: 700
SAT II Physics: 650</p>

<p>Long-form Info</p>

<p>Extracurricular Info
- Started a Freshmen mentoring program
- Boy Scouts (Life Scout)
- Yearbook</p>

<p>Other strong point:
CA Boys' State Delegate
2005 Certified Tax Preparer (Wrote one of the essays about this)
Wrote a straight forward essay about my desire to work in the real estate field</p>

<p>Work Experience
- None</p>

- AP Scholar w/ Honor
- 1st Place Math Competition</p>

<p>all of you guys rock! this is so helpful!! </p>

<p>(wow I feel special my post was on the featured discussions page! yes, I'm a CC nerd...officially)</p>