can this asian girl get into harvard?

<p>Obviously your stats and grades are good enough for Harvard, and SAT IIs that are around 750 are not low at all!! Your ECs do seem quite scattered, and unless you are sending an additional resume you can only put 7 of your ECs on the common app. Choose the ones most important to you, because it can ( emphasis can) seem like you padded your resume with so many activities. I'm not accusing you of doing all these ECs for college, but it may come across like that if you put every single thing you did in high school on your app. Anyways you are very very qualified and I wish you the BEST of LUCK!!</p>

<p>doctordestiny, you have no idea how much your post just made me smile. hopefully, the admissions committee will realize how much i want to be there...but if not, i realize there isn't and wouldn't be anything more i could do. i've done my best & we'll see what happens in april.</p>

<p>collegestress16, yeah i agree. i'm putting the ones i've been most involved with on my application, and i think i've managed to sort of tie everything together through my essays, recs, interview, etc. thanks and good luck to you too!</p>

<p>if you don't get in then, Idk what to say. Then again your parents advice is sound and true.</p>

<p>"hopefully, the admissions committee will realize how much i want to be there.."</p>

<p>Harvard doesn't care about demonstrated interest. It has the highest yield in the country and knows that it's most applicants' first choice. What Harvard cares about is whether an applicant has the academic background and character to be able to graduate from Harvard (something that 85-90% of applicants have) and how much the applicant can contribute to creating a well rounded class (which probably is the most important aspect of one's application and also is something that one can do little about).</p>

<p>Best of luck to you. Do realize that if you're good enough to apply to Harvard, you've got the stats to get into some other excellent college and even if Harvard rejects you, you'll end up at a well regarded university.</p>

<p>woops, i forgot about that. i guess my overnight and oncampus interview were for more for my sake than their understanding of me as an applicant. oh well. thanks to everyone!</p>

<p>So.... did you get in?</p>

<p>she got waitlisted at harvard, but she's at yale now :)</p>

<p>Go YALE :)</p>

<p>And You are at Wharton, Stupefy! congrats!</p>

<p>Congratulations, Stupefy!</p>

<p>thanks guys! best of luck to you next year and let me know where you end up :)</p>

<p>especially you, silverturtle :O</p>

<p>you are the mifune of the class of 2011 ;)</p>

<p>^ Thanks a lot.</p>

<p>Stupefy, congrats!!! (yes, another congrats:P.)</p>

<p>I actually read your posts and prayed for you.
Colleges do not predict your future, but I felt sorry for you and all the hard work you put in.
Stupefy, Congrats!</p>

<p>^what's to feel sorry for? she would've been going to another school that is just as great, though perhaps not the one she liked more.</p>

<p>Felt sorry BEFORE.
I just realized that she got into Wharton, amazing!!</p>

<p>Felt sorry BEFORE.
I just realized that she got into Wharton, amazing!!</p>

<p>thanks everyone! I've been the target of a lot of the sympathy posts after april 1 haha. I felt horrible then, but I got over it pretty quickly. in the beginning, I joined CC to get answers to my application questions, but it did more harm than good. CC made me obsessed with the brand name, and made me shallow I think. after thinking about it on my own, I was perfectly happy with georgetown. wharton was just an unexpected bonus that I ultimately decided to take :)</p>

<p>so in short, lebronjames, you don't have to feel sorry for me! because I'm not sorry at all!</p>

<p>I don't!
You are my role model and some day I hope we can meet each other!
(at least on facebook or something)</p>