Carnegie Mellon Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Since my son has straight A up to this point, this B in the progress report is not the final grade, he has a lot of work in the pipeline to bring it up. I just hope they won’t conclude this as a downward trend.

IMHO, just getting one B is not going to change the way they perceive his application if he has straight As throughout, as long as other parts of applications talks about him. He can check with the admissions as well, my D22 has called to clarify when she had to choose between MCS and SCS (RDing though)

The prefer to see better GPA on higher grades. So you should be good.

Thankyou very much for all your replies and guidance.

One more thing my physics teacher submitted her LOR 3 days back, so can I assign my LOR to CMU now.

I am pretty sure you should have assigned the teacher to write LOR before submitting the application. If that’s the case, you should see that LOR is received by CMU on your portal.

*btw we use Naviance

Now, it is official, the decision will be out at 9:00am on Dec 11th, 2021.


All the best to everyone expecting their decisions today.

Does anyone know if the result is emailed to both student and parents? or in Commapp?

You’ll need to log in to the CMU application portal to view the decision.

ok, thanks.

D22 admitted to SCS. she is quite happy now.



Thank you.


Not accepted by CMU. How do I know I am deferred by CMU?

Does the portal say rejected or deferred?

I am not sure, there should be a link to decision letter in your portal.

Yes there is a link, but except we are unable to offer you a place, nothing is written here about deferred.

If there is nothing about defer in the letter, it is not defer.

@lovemodi, So sorry to hear that. My son also received a flat out rejection (School of Computer Science), and I was curious if this was the norm. Sounds like it might be.