CC Podcast E14>> How to Build a Career in Visual Arts: Talking to the Dean of Admission at Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA)

In this episode of the Admitted: The (Official) College Confidential Podcast, @CC_Jon talks to Anna Miltenberger, Dean of Admission at Pacific North College of Art (PNCA) at Willamette University⁠, about the application process at an arts college, the importance of creating a strong portfolio, as well as the many opportunities the schools provided for its students.

Dean Miltenberger also talks about how you can build a successful career in this field, whether you go on to be a freelance artist, or get hired at an agency.

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Thank you for this interview! I met a representative from PNCA last year when my D25 attended National Portfolio Day. It’s been top of her list ever since. Excellent constructive feedback on her portfolio. Thanks again.

thanks for giving such information like this