Chance an apprehensive teenage girl for schools like Columbia, Tufts, Georgetown

Right now she’s heading for some sort of criminal justice path… pathology of evil? Too much watching FBI shows on TV… :slight_smile:

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My house is full of people obsessed with those shows and related podcasts. :slight_smile:

If I had my life to live over again, I’d be teaching at Quantico…

just sayin’…


Even with the OP’s current SAT score of 1390, she would place well within the middle range for attending students at a highly selective school such as Wesleyan (1310–1490), for example.

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You really must improve your SAT score. I encourage you to try UWORLD.

It’s not just a question of range. It’s how the standardized test score looks compared to the rest of the application. The range includes students who were preferentially admitted based on race, legacy status, recruited athlete, donor family, etc. If one is not in a preferentially admitted group, but has a very high GPA, a middle of the road test score doesn’t add anything; in fact, it may detract from the application.

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