Chance for RD

Asian Male
Subject SAT: Math II: 800, Chem: 800, Biology:790: US Hist:800
NMSQT Finalist(index 224)
GPA: UW 3.94 Weighted: 4.7
Rank: Top 3%(20/620) of a highly competitive public school
EC: Captain and president of 2 academic clubs, multiple national and international competitions and awards. Research at 2 top universities over summer, multiple volunteer hours(>500), hospital volunteer, physicians shadowing, TA for 3 teachers at high school for past 2 years, coached middle school kids at their school after school hours and few other clubs.
Rec. Letter: 9/10( may be one 10/10)
No sports

Applied to EA: UNC ChapelHill - Accepted OOS( Honors and excel program)
UVA- Accepted OOS
U.Pitt: With merit scholarship
Few other schools with presidential scholarships for full ride

Waiting for RD: Cornell, BU, Harvard, U.Penn, JHU, Vanderbilt, Emory, WashU

SAT: Good, they will see 1560 and be happy with that.

ACT: Low for Asian male, but not low enough that they’ll boot you.

GPA: 3.94 might be a tad low for an Asian male, but a 0.05 difference really isn’t anything. Also good to go here.

Rank: 20/620 is also a tad low, but because applications are reviewed holistically and you (I assume) have a rigorous course load, it won’t throw you out.

Subject SAT: Amazing! No worries here either.

ECs: More specifics? Which national and international awards? For what competitions? Did the research you do fall into the field you want to major in / follow in your future? What about the volunteer hours? If you had over 500 hours, did you not receive some kind of award for that (Presidents Service, etc)? What clubs did you teach? Your ECs definitely look competitive and appealing, but more specifics would also help.

It’ll come down to your essays for Harvard, Cornell, and Vandy for sure. And JHU will depend on what those summer internships were in (bio?). The rest you have an above average chance at, close to 75%.
You have an amazing locked-in school, stop worrying and enjoy high school.

@daunt18: My research over summer was on genetics and also on cellular and molecular biology. I am continue to do research on one of them during school year. Which school do you refer to as amazing locked-in-school UNC or UVA?

@qhql2020: I have done 16 AP’s and 4 IBs so far. I have tried to take as much as I can and my school offer. This year, I am also in dual enrollment with college for Calc III and Def-Equation. My research is(was) in the field I want to pursue: Cellular and Molecular Biology.
I am nervous about RDs

Kudos on your achievements. I was referring to UNC, esp since you have the honors option.

While the OP is certainly impressive, he definitely does NOT have a 75%, or even close to 75%, for U.Penn, Emory, WashU, or BU. All are reaches for anybody, especially if they are applying RD without any hooks. RD acceptance rates for these schools are lower than 15%, and for UPenn they are lower than 10%.

Got an early acceptance to W&M with scholarship…Waiting for March 25/26