Chance Me at Notre Dame and others (current junior)

I’m not a math person, but it seems like your uw gpa should be lower, with 10 B’s and a C? A couple of my kids had one B in an honors class, the rest A-/A, and I believe a 3.8 uw junior year. One actually applied to ND (34 act) 9 AP’s, rest honors, rejected (although to be fair I don’t think much time was spent on it, definitely unaffordable).


I just recalculated my gpa and it definitely is a 3.7 UW. I think my school does it a little differently, (we don’t use A- or B-) so that may have some affect on it! One thing I keep hearing is Notre Dame considers essays a lot, so maybe your child’s wasn’t what they wanted? Kind of guessing, but thank you for the info!

Thank you so much! I’ve definitely considered transferring in from Holy Cross if rejected but I haven’t made up my mind just yet. I’ll look into these other schools.

I’ve looked at DePaul a bit but asides from UChicago, (Which I’m not sure if I’ll apply to) I think I want to get out of Chicago since I’ve spent so much time there already since I live very close

I would investigate

  1. the rates of normal transfer from HCC to ND
  2. the rates of transferring in to Mendoza the business school…

I’d also look at what options are available at all your colleges in case

  • you are accepted to Lib Arts/Letters & Sciences instead of the business school: remain and study Econ? how easy to internally transfer
  • check which schools have DIRECT admit to the business school, and not sophomore application
  • check which non-direct business schools admit holistically vs GPA alone. examples of this would be UNC and UVA

You may need to think about going to a ‘less prestigious’ college that gives you direct admittance to the business school, vs a more elite name where you need a secondary application to the B-school once you are attending.

Note also that many of the Jesuits schools I listed and on your original list have strong liberal arts core class requirements even for business majors, which may/may not to be your liking


Having just been through this process with my son, who WAS devoted to Notre Dame since elementary school…it’s a total crap shoot.

He was well above all the average stats for the accepted REA candidate, highly competitive public HS in the northeast, partipated in TWO summers of ND summer scholars, generational legacy (father and grandfather and great uncle)…flat out rejected this year. Bewildering.

In any case, it’s always worth going for your dream…but definitely go in with your eyes wide open and with back up plans. Embrace the other schools on your list. Good Luck and focus on the essays for sure.

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The poster was saying if you take 4 for an a, 3 for a B. And you had 10 Bs - it would be near impossible to have a 3.7. Or unlikely. Would depend on the amount of classes.

If the OP has seven classes per year, that is 21 classes taken, and so 42 semester grades. I’m pretty sure the OP is talking about semester grades because they specifically say “one semester C.” So 1 C, 10 Bs, and 31 As is a 3.71. (If this is what they did, they must have been guessing at final grades for this year, though.)


What Im seeing in this admission cycle is the end of feeder high schools. They want a diverse class. Kids in the midwest had the advantage in California for example because not many go to school there. If you attend a school where alot of kids apply to Notre Dame…it’s going to be difficult . Know where the kids in your class are applying is the lesson learned.


Did alot of kids from his school, district or region apply that you’re aware of?

It’s not near impossible it is impossible. Don’t forget the one C in Honors geometry. No chance for Notre Dame with 10’s B and a C. Would be challenging with 10 A’s a B and a C.
Assume 10 classes per year (including gym and art) whereas in reality it is probably only 6-8. But assume 10 classes x 3 years = 30 total classes. 1 C, 10 B, and 19 A’s. Equal weighting for each class would be a 3.6 GPA. If it is eight total classes per year goes down to 3.5 GPA.

Triple legacy, definitely a crap shoot. Hope other top tier options will be available.

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There are probably a good amount from the Northeast that apply. But what we have been led to believe is that diversity played a major role ND’s early admissions and legacy status is somewhat meaningless.

The amount of classes I’ve taken that I’ve gotten A’s in make it so I currently have a 3.7 gpa UW which will only increase as I’m on track to have straight As this semester. Not quite sure why you think it’s impossible but I’ve done the math and had my counselor double check and she confirmed I was correct.

Thank you so much for this info! We’re a lot of kids in his school/area applying to ND and did they have better stats? Do you know? Thanks!

I’ll definitely look into this thank you!

Yes I was bringing up the other poster comcern and said would depend on the amount of classes. In essence it could be Bs in about 1/4 with the C.

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I’ve heard a lot that ND values good essays and recommendation letters over a lot of other things such as GPA and even extracurriculars. Does anyone know if this is true/how this could help my chances when I apply?

According to their CDS rigor is most important. See section C7. Essays are labeled important. They show equal to grades but I cannot imagine any school really basing an admission on an essay over grades.

You want to put your best foot forward in all aspects. That includes your essay. And don’t forget - a person or two or three are reading this essay. It’s subjective. What you or your inner circle may think is strong may not be seen that way by others. There’s just no way to know.

It’s a top school. There’s no magic bullet.

Be the best you that you can be in all facets. If it’s meant to be then great. If not there are many fine Catholic and other universities.

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I’ve had two offspring attend ND and a third that applied this year. I suspect the school has factors that “weed out” applicants before admissions really get into the essays…so, you need to have above a certain GPA with rigorous course load/test scores, and then they start looking at your essays and recommendation letters (which should be awesome and unique). I think the best thing you can do right now is improve your ACT score. Also, it will be helpful if you get into leadership seminars. (My son attended last summer, though, and not all who attended were admitted to ND in REA.) You might also consider amping your service hours…is there a cause you’re passionate about, something that would feed your soul and make you stand out on the application? Can you work a bunch of hours at Taco Bell this summer and then donate the money you made to the cause? I’m just brainstorming, but I do think you need to do something unusual to make yourself stand out. And I agree with the other people here who said you should try not to fixate on one school …there are a lot of schools where you’d be very happy and get a solid education. Finally, pray. Good luck to you!!!

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