Chance Me (Early Graduate) for Harvard, Yale, Stanford AND Match Me with Good Schools - Please read for context

That’s a really good point! Are there particular programs at FSU that stand out from the rest?

If you are graduating next year you should be fine. Definitely place importance on QB, their application opens later in the summer and is due this year in september (projected date).

Bright futures pays for tuition, and you can always ask the college for more financial aid to cover other things, you probably can get a full ride. I think you’re aware of this already, but because you are planning to go beyond the undergrad level your first priority should be cost, not prestige.

Good luck!

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Good point, thank you! The only reason (well not the only) I’d like to attend a prestigious (wealthy) school because of the guaranteed full ride. For example, Harvard guarantees 0 Parent contribution for families making less than 65k. Again, thank you for your feedback. Have a nice day! (:wave:)

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Do you guys think graduating a year early would be a disadvantage in and of itself?

Their traditional strengths are in Liberal arts, Business, science: Physics they have the National Mag Lab and Entrepreneurship they have a separate College for it. Political Science you are in the state capital as well.Engineering traditionally has been thought of as a weakness because they share an Engineering school with FAMU instead of having their own dedicated FSU school. However it is getting better known as late. ( IF you are interested in a HBC FAMU is a great option especially in engineering you will be going to the same school as FSU students)
FSU just hired a new President who was/is a Provost at Harvard. here’s some Rankings | Florida State University

Not necessarily. You took all the basic required courses (4 years on English, 3 years of science, 2 years of history…) for your high school right?

Plenty of kids graduate early.
Check out this thread: Graduating Early

The only disadvantages I could see is:

  • less time to boost gpa or take more ap classes compared to other applicants
  • loss on the high school experience. not sure if this is important to you as you need to support your family, but I’ve heard many people say that.

Hi again (:wave:)! Yes I have taken all the basic requirements and I looked up what a competitive schedule looks like and I’ve tried my best to emulate it. In 9th and 10th we don’t get to choose our schedules and my school has no ap classes. I might be getting a little personal here but I don’t always feel the most comfortable at school and I usually am working when the parties and stuff happen so I only have ~1 or 2 close friends so I wouldn’t be missing too much (:. By the time I apply I will have all the basic 3 core sciences (bio, chem, physics) and an advanced course in one (this incoming year)

Man I am truly terrible at responding in full but every AP/Honors class I took/will take has been in addition to my courseload at school

Does your school have other classes that show course rigor (dual enrollment, IB, AICE)?

I don’t think you’ll have any problems, but you should make sure things will be ok with your guidance counselor.

Yes my school offers dual enrollment classes. I have talked to my counselor though and she said that in her letter of rec type thing she would list I had taken the most rigorous courseload I could all things considered (quite nice of her!). She also was going to mention that I am the first person in my school’s history to take AP courses. My head of school (principal) and the administrators in general tend to have a good view of me which is pretty cool too (:. ALSO my school doesn’t have sports because we are really small and playing for my district school isn’t possible since I can’t get a ride (read: only ~1-2 close friends).

Dilly. Targets would be u Miami….meets 100% of need. Was & Lee where you have the Johnson Scholarship and SMU which also has a full ride. W and L is in the mountains of VA. You have URMS there with great experiences but others here who say not so. I encourage you to seek out students to learn firsthand their experiences on campus. Also being of Hatian descent is not the same I know as being AA so find your comfort zone. If you were interested, maybe some schools have a Hatian culture club. BU also has a wonderful program for URMS. Many schools won’t be diverse. But you cannot equate that to racism. FSU, for example, had some anti Semitic issues but it’s 10% Jewish and Jewish students love it. You can find jerks on any campus.

Be careful of over inflating your resume. You are quite impressive. I can tell just from your responses. However, colleges may see the long list as artificial because they are not seeing how you interact here and they may and hold it against you. So pick two or three items and show depth in them.

Best of luck.

You have a good shot at HYS – still a reach, but a much better shot than most. Those 3 schools are among the most generous in FA, so at your stated income level, those schools will be 0 cost and all grants. Questbridge is a good option, but if you get in outside of Questbridge, they will still be free. I’d pick your favorite one and apply early as well. Spend your time on your essays and choosing good LoR writers. The 33 ACT is fine and I would not apply TO.

20 hours a week is a bit much, especially freshmen year. You can make good money in the summers. S is an econ major at one of these schools and had high paying jobs in the summers at consulting and IB. His suitemates made good money in those areas and software/CS type internships. His gf is just finishing a nice lab based internship at a biotech during her Covid gap year. It’s more important to play the long game and make good grades to increase your post graduation job prospects than to work relatively low paying jobs during the school year.

Best of luck in everything.


If you can get a good LoR from your counselor, you should be all set. Good luck!

I had no idea U Miami meets full need (:open_mouth:) I will definitely be sure to check them out. I’m not to familiar with W&L what kind of programs are they known for? Also, I totally get what you mean on being Haitian vs AA since many of the Black folk I know are AA and there are definitely cultural disconnects despite being the same complexion. I will definitely check out FSU some more since I shouldn’t let a few incidents ruin my view of the entire institution. As for inflating my resume, I definitely see what you mean and how it could come across the wrong way. I wouldn’t necessarily mention all of those on my application, those are more so a master list of all the things that I’ve done. Thank you for the feedback and the good wishes, have a nice day!

I appreciate the candid and well thought answer!! Unfortunately I haven’t done enough research on these elite intuitions to know the nuances between them since they all are, like you mentioned, very well endowed. Dissimilar to the most impressive students on CC I unfortunately was not thinking about college admissions before this summer. Someone also commented on my ACT score so I won’t apply test optional after all. 20 hrs is about how much I work now (often much more) so that was just a reference point, I definitely see now that that’s unrealistic. Your Son and his gf seem to be a hardworking couple!!! I definitely get what you mean by playing the long game and I’m definitely not so morally righteous as to not go into finance/consulting (what pays, pays). Anyway, I really appreciate your feedback and I hope you have a nice day/morning wherever you are!

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I generally discourage students from graduating early because some of them seem to lack maturity and could use an extra year of ECs. In your case, I think you have such well thought out reasoning that it is actually a benefit. You have the ability to explain why you are looking to do it now and what could happen if you don’t. It isn’t because you want to move out of your house and get away from rules :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah it’s something I’ve talked to my mom about. She feels bad about it cause she thinks I didn’t get to be kid but I know where we are at isn’t her fault and I really want to help out the most I can. Though I won’t lie…being away from rules isn’t a too bad side benefit :wink:

Also, I don’t know if this matter in terms of financial aid but we like 0 assets besides like a car since we don’t own a home.

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Washington and Lee. One of the top liberal arts schools in the country, really strong in politics / law. Great aid. And look up the Johnson scholarship

Get on each schools email list. Add wash u St. Louis. You’d be amazed at how many send you free application codes….Including those two schools.

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