Chance Me (Early Graduate) for Harvard, Yale, Stanford AND Match Me with Good Schools - Please read for context

This is a quick response that doesn’t encompass everything you said but I will be able to get my father’s financials I believe - it’s just really complicated. However, even with my non custodial parent I am below the threshold of full need (<65k). Thank you for adding this perspective I hadn’t even thought about this. Have a nice day!

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I understand your concern about cost at American, but factor in the fact that you’ll have a bachelor’s + master’s in public health in 4 years, not only saving 1-2 years of grad school tuition but also earning a salary in a master’s level job during those 1-2 years.

Just an option to add to the brainstorming.

My father is very much alive. I don’t know if this is something I should be putting on the internet but I do come from a domestic abuse household and Im leaving that there. My mom and I are worried about mentioning this because of legal repercussions that come along with this and I’d like to respect my mom’s wishes and not start any additional “drama”. My father does not pay child support, and I do have his phone number. Last time I checked he makes ~30k

Are familiar with the scholarships on this list?

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You can mention the domestic abuse (+ include any proof: restraining order, police report…) on your FA application.
Depending on the college it means you may or may not have to complete the non custodial parent form.

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I looked at your awards and ECs again and they are stellar considering your background. Remember, the reason why URM/FG/LI are hooks is that it is expected that children in those categories either have little to know support or are in sub par educational institutions. So to be able to accomplish what you have with all three hooks, well you are a statistical unicorn. It displays a level of perseverance and aptitude that tells AOs that you can succeed. But that being said, it does not guarantee you admission to the top schools, you still have need the entire package. So considering you have only a few months left, you need to use your time wisely. That’s the situation my daughter is currently also in. With your stats. the main reason you would want to get into another STEM based program is to eventually get a letter of req that would make an AO cry. For example, the local college give summer science internships to a dozen kids in the county each summer. My oldest landed a spot and spent half the summer in a windowless closet with another intern coding weather patterns. Unlike her partner, my daughter is extremely extroverted and developed a good working relationship with the professor. In the end he wrote a two page letter of req that amazed me. The working nature of internships usually produce that. If you already have great letters lined up then use the next few months to flesh out your essays, application and literal plan of attack. If not, then when looking for a position, you need to keep in mind that it should be an environment that could result in a glowing letter of req. Meaning, there needs to be the possibility for you to shine. And shine doesnt mean cure cancer, it just means be the kid that adults love. And the possibility of a person that could eventually write that letter. Like if there is an opportunity but the adult in charge seems less than enthusiastic then find another one. In terms of finding a position, you are going to want to Google “high school internships 2021”+ “low income” + “bio” etc. Here are a few resources I used for my kids:



Local Community Colleges

There are two basic paths: national or local. A lot of the non-local programs were either cancelled, postponed or done online this year. Typically, you start applications in the fall of your junior year for placement the summer after it. But the pandemic has somewhat modified that schedule which might allow you to find a late summer or fall program. LinkedIn, Indeed and your local community colleges are good avenues to finding opportunities with local bio businesses and organizations. Its a lot of footwork, emailing and calling, but I feel its worth it because if its your field of interest, its a good exercise in networking that you can use for graduate school or future job placement. Also, I dont know about your local area, but mine is STEM central where least half of the programs specifically seek out low income students. That’s why I noted to add that to the search. A lot of these programs provide stipends for the summer.

Good luck!

PS I saw the recent posts about your family situation. Sad to say my girls are in the same boat. The financials are tricky with aid. But its doable. This is what you want to do. You want to take the time to contact the finance office of all the schools you are applying to. When you submit your common app, you will need to submit your parents information. Even if he is out of the picture, like my girls, they need to verify this. The way to do this is to get a head of the game and work with the finance offices. Find out what each office needs and how strict they are. Otherwise, every year you will go through the same headache of getting his info when you renew your aid. My daughter spent four months of texts, crying and begging to get a copy of his tax return.


As I noted they have the Frederick Douglas Scholarship. For that reason alone it’s worth applying. It covers all.