Chance me for Cornell ED, Berkeley, NYU, and more! I could really use some input :)

if you are targeting placement in the east coast, i would reconsider applying to ucla/uc berkeley. They are costly for oos, while they can place in the east coast financial firms, that is not their strength.


UCB Global Management Program does offer a direct admit pathway into Haas for Fall 2023, although it’s not easy to get admitted. Global Management Program - Berkeley Haas

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I am extremely delighted to hear this! Based on the information you have provided me, it seems as if USC’s application would better suit my profile compared to the other UC’s. I’ll definitely do some more research on USC now that I am aware of this. Thank you very much for your help!

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Thanks for your input! I spoke with my GC and they agree that Fordham is a school that should be on my safety list. I am trying to meet the EA deadline for any college that offers it, so that I can get as many acceptances as possible by December.


USC is a private school and not part of the UC system. USC does have Marshall School of Business and does offer undergrad business degrees.


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