Chance me for Dartmouth, Brown, and top LACs

<p>The problem is that there are too many applicants with the OP's qualifications than can be admitted to these excellent schools. The chances for all are there, but none are safeties. But if the chances of admittance were 33% at each, the chance of admission to at least one of them is 98%.</p>

<p>I doubt if anyone will see this, three months after last post in the thread.. </p>

<p>Modadunn, you were almost spot on. Brown gave me my one rejection, and I was waitlisted at Dartmouth. Interestingly, I was also WL'ed at Wesleyan, which no one explicitly forecasted. :) Thanks for the chances, everyone! It's definitely fun to compare when the results are out. Btw, I will be a freshman at Amherst this coming fall.</p>