Chance Me for ED Duke and EDII UChicago


But do your research about dark skies for each school. Haverford is in a suburb close to a large city so I doubt that the skies are as dark as Williams and Hamilton which are in the most rural locations of all of the schools on @merc81’s list .

At the other extreme, in the heart of a true city, the OP would be lucky to see Sirius.

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@merc81 @gotham_mom you guys are so cool. I will surely search more about Williams, Hamilton and Haverford and ed a college out of these. Thanks a lot!! You guys have really cool suggestions and insights

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It doesn’t matter all that much what its ranking is. You’ll be evaluated in the context of what you did with the opportunities available to you, and possibly be compared with peers (if they apply to those same grad schools). So make the most of your time there, continue to excel and demonstrate passion. That will help you get into a well rated and well funded PhD program.

Your most likely path to a U.S. education goes through that undergraduate college so don’t spend your time there with a “this is terrible, I don’t want to be here “ attitude.

I read your other thread and suggested taking entrance tests for IIT/NITs. Some of the IITs are top 10 in the world, there’s no harm in trying to get an US graduate degree but it’s not the end of the world. As others have suggested, your profile looks good and have a good chance of admission.

But 100% assistance is where it gets difficult, you can only ED to one college(AFAIK), use it well and all the best.

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Yea I agree that the IITs are the best but they are the best for engineering. I do not have to do anything related to engineering

It is very important to understand the general degree requirements. Especially at a place like UChicago. Make sure that you understand the Core. It isn’t just about the number of classes, it is also the sequence requirement. Also, the courses are not easy and you may not get your first (or second) choice. At UChicago you will be in a Humanities Core class for a least the first two quarters. At any university in the USA it is important to look past just the major. The major may be as little as 1/3 of your classes.

Yea that makes sense. I decided to ed Duke and ed2 to a LAC like Amherst. what do you think?

I don’t think Amherst has ED2.


Amherst doesn’t have ED2. Wesleyan does.

oh yea then I will ed II to haverford or Wesleyan I guess

OP has updated their list and created another chance thread. So I am closing this one. Further comments can go on their new thread:

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