Chance me for Exeter

This I can help with lol. I didn’t get into any schools but i’m almost certain it wasn’t my interviews but you may not want to listen to me since I didn’t get in anywhere but i’ll give you my advice.

Explain why in almost all your answers.

In almost all interviews they’ll ask least and favorite subjects. I expanded on this and I think it was one of those sentences that made my interviewers remember me,I think because when I got an email they always mentioned it.

It went something like this:

What’s your favorite subject?
History is my favorite subject.It’s the most interesting subject to me because there are patterns that we see in modern day society.Then I would talk about what i’m doing in history ,obviously I expanded a little but this was vague.

I’ve never been good at math.It doesn’t come naturally to me.So it is my least favorite subject and happens to be one of my lowest grades ( not so low but lowest)So when they asked least favorite subject, it went like this.

Math is my least favorite subject.I’ve never been good at memorization especially with formulas.In the early months of quarantine,I started writing down formulas and color coding them so I can memorize them .

They’ll ask what you do outside of school and I told them what I’ve done and why.

For example

I was the captain of my drill team which combined my passion of dance and allowed me to better my leadership skills.

These answers were definitely said more casually and in a conversational tone but moral of the story ,a question is never to point to out a concrete weakness but to look for how you approach your weakness.

Also what @reknihtrevo said,do not assume that they are only paying attention to your answers.The way you carry yourself and how you speak is very telling. I’m very serious ,my Exeter interviewer pointed out my maturity level which kind of led me to realize maturity is a factor.Although I didn’t get in lol.

I think me explaining why on certain questions told them more about me that can’t translate on paper.Remember the interview is kind of like your extended essay imo.

This was very long and I hope it’s understandable :sob:


Sorry for not replying up to this point. The truth is, my dad is the one that thinks that Exeter, Lawrenceville, Deerfield, and Hotchkiss are the only ones even worth applying to. See, my brother went to Loomis for two years. He found the school to not be competitive, with athletics being favored over academics. So, Loomis is basically the cutoff point for my parents in rankings.

why do you want a competitive school? I wouldn’t say Hotchkiss is super competitive, more collaborative. I personally think you should add more schools, if your dad really wants the prestige SPS is a good one, but imo you should see if he would let you apply to some “hidden gems” like Mercersburg, NMH, etc.

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What ranking?

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