Chance Me For PEA, Hotchkiss, etc

I’m with @cinnamon1212 on this one too. If your ultimate goal is to attend a BS next fall, Hkiss and PEA should not be on your list. Go to and go under find schools. Then filter it to be all rolling admissions schools.

If you want to attend a selective school, apply next year for a repeat 10th grade year.


I agree with the warnings about HK is PEA, however, some of the other schools on your list are still considering applications. If you want to go to BS next year, I’d still consider applying to Cranbrook and LFA, and add a few other schools to your list. At this point that will be your best shot.

Thank you for all of your responses. I will be looking more into Cranbrooks and LFA. I might even look into NMH (as the acceptance rate is similar to LFA’s) and maybe Williston Northhampton because that’s the school I have the highest chance of getting into if I do decide to try this year. I will also look into the SSAT and ISEE. If I don’t make it this year, there’s always next year

I dm’d you but with what I read about you in thiand your interest in engineering you have to look into Westover. They have an amazing Women in Science and Engineering program called WISE.

I’m not an expert or anything but I did get into Hkiss this year; I’d just say take and study for the SSAT or ISEE, and find something you’re passionate about and ride that.

Yeah i posted this when I was pretty uninformed about boarding schools lol. I’ve now narrowed down my school list to more realistic schools that actually have openings and don’t require tests this year but thank you! If I don’t get into any of my choices this year I’ll take the SSAT and try again next year.