Chance Me for UC's, CSU's and USC for CS

That makes sense! I agree that those are my best options. I’m planning on applying normal CS for both with a game programming minor at USC and Game design electives at UCI because they ,sadly, took down their Computer Game Science major.

@Gumbymom Is that a wise idea to get a CS major instead of paying for a game design major? Especially if I end up at Irvine?

I am not expert on Game Design career paths vs. General CS but you do not have to major in Game Design to get a job in that field. I think Game Design can be too specialized and you might find out you have other areas of interest. Like I stated above, my son originally went into CS to specialize in Game Design and ended up in Cybersecurity instead which he really enjoys. Interests can change so getting a broader CS education might be an advantage. I do know a couple of students that went into Game Design (one graduated from UCI) specifically and both are doing well post grad so it really is up to you and your preference.

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USC has a half-tuition scholarship for National Merit Finalists for which you are competitive (though it evidently is not automatic). Most NMSFs advance to NMF, and you already have a confirming score and good grades, so you can assume that, so long as you don’t get a D, engage in academic misconduct, and remember to apply, that you will advance to Finalist.

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Ok, Thanks! Can a NMF still get Trustee?

That makes sense! I was thinking that I don’t wan’t to waste money on a highly specialized degree and not go into game design and that’s why a cs degree with game electives or a minor would be the best option for me.

3,536 was what I got. Does that make it a safety?

I’m not sure, but I think that every applicant is considered for Trustee, whether they are NMFs or not.

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Ok, that makes sense. I’m trying to stride for that full tuition scholarship. I could still afford it if I end up with a Presidential Scholarship. Thanks for the advice!

Because SJSU’s admission thresholds are determined competitively every year, it is probably not a good idea to rely on it as a safety with a relatively small margin over the previous year threshold. Your recalculated HS GPA of 4.42 is close to the highest possible, though, so SJSU is probably more like a low match, or a likely if you will graduate high school in Santa Clara County (+200 points), since it looks like you did not include that bonus in the 3536.

Ah ok. So then it would be a 3736 then?