Chance me for UVA Early Action (Engineering) and VA Tech Engineering? I will chance back!

Test Scores:
AP World History (4) AP Biology (4) AP U.S. History (4) AP Language and Composition (4)
ACT: 32-33 (I’m retaking the ACT and this is the predicted range)
Will take Biology and Math II SAT IIs

(Essays for UVA are really strong)

Academic Achievement:

-Academic Excellence Award for Freshman Year and Sophomore Year “Varsity Letter” and will receive one Senior Year
-Certificates of Achievement for Straight A’s
-Rigorous courses (All honors and AP)
Freshman Year core classes: Earth Science Honors, Geometry, French 3, Pre-AP World History/Geo, and English 9 Honors
Sophomore Year core classes: Biology Honors, Algebra 2/Trigonometry Honors, French 4 Honors, AP World History, and English 10 Honors
Junior Year core classes: Chemistry, Math Analysis Honors, French 5 Honors/AP French Part 1, AP Biology, AP U.S History, AP English Language/Composition
Senior Year core classes: AP Calculus AB, AP French, AP Chemistry, AP U.S and VA Government, AP Lit, and Physics
-Current Weighted GPA (freshman and sophomore year plus first semester of junior year): 4.43
-Unweighted GPA: 4.0
-Current Rank for freshman and sophomore year: top 6%

Recognition and Awards:

-Tour guide for international French principals visiting through the embassy

-Hosted a French exchange student as a rescue host family (the intended host family/school could not participate in the program at the last minute)

-Selected ten science students to visit George Washington University’s Science, technology, and engineering fair -Varsity Letter for Academic Excellence Award for Freshman Year and Sophomore Year
-Varsity Letter for debate

-National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists Award of Excellence -Certificates of Achievement for Straight A’s

  • Participation in All Virginia Districts Choir
    -Science National Honors Society Induction (certificate of membership)
    -French National Honors Society Induction (certificate of membership)
    -French Academic Excellence Award (class award in French 3)
    -National Honors Society Induction (certificate of membership)

Leadership Positions:
-French National Honors Society Co President
-Math and Science Concepts Leader: I tutored/introduced math and science concepts to young kids at the library during the summer; Event title is “What’s the Big Idea?”
-Teacher Assistant for my French teacher. Whenever she was absent, I take charge and go over concepts/teach the class introductory concepts.
-Occasional Youth Group Service Leader
-Event Supervisor for UNICEF

Extracurricular and Community Activities:

-Key Club
Accomplishments: Over 100 hours of community service
Accomplishments: Performed at two charity dinner events multiple times during each one; I sang and played the guitar, piano, or ukulele
Accomplishments: I skipped the beginning level of debate (novice) and debated in junior varsity at my first tournament

-Science National Honors Society
Accomplishments: Tutoring and project SOAR; performing experiments and raising
awareness for science at a middle school

-French Club

-French National Honors Society
Years Participated: Sophomore Year (inducted this year) and Junior Year.
Accomplishments: I’m part of French week and decorating the halls for French Week. Got chosen as President for senior year.

-National Honors Society

-Medical Club

Years Participated: Sophomore Year and Senior Year (had no space junior year)
Accomplishments: I auditioned for all districts choir my first year in choir and was accepted. I also performed for teachers during the welcoming ceremony this past summer. I also performed in a small group of 5 at an academic awards ceremony and I performed at UNICEF events multiple times.

-I play four instruments: Piano (13 years), violin (7 years), guitar (8 years), and ukulele (5 years)

  • Church Youth Group Accomplishments: Leading youth services with music and prayer -Grace Ministries (Giving out food for people with less opportunities)

-Volunteered at the Library during the summer

-I’m applying for an internship/job this summer

-Hooks: First generation college student

Vtech: safety
UV: high match

Wow UVA is my dream school, but you honestly think that UVA is a high match? I am from NOVA and everyone has really high qualifications here/attended gov school/are president of tons of clubs. I’m really worried that I’ll get wait listed at UVA :frowning: @iamjack

VA Tech: Safety, my friend who is OOS got in there for engineering and he is not the sharpest tool in the shed.
UVA: Match, because you are in state you are definitely a match! If you actually come through with those ACT scores I can definitely see you getting into UVA! Your GPA is also impressive with a very rigorous course load. You should be proud of all of those achievements and GPA.
Chance back?

Thanks so much @neuprospect98! I’m honestly just worried about extracurriculars and my leadership positions. Those are my weak areas compared to other NOVA kids :frowning:

You have excellent ECs!!! They show passion and commitment. Also, being a first generation college student will help you!!!

@xxteafanexx im not too sure… i know that UVA is a hard school to get into but your stats are definitely in range, but I agree your EC’s are slightly weak. I think you’re on the verge of being accepted or wait listed… not too sure.

You seem like the perfect fit for UVA! You have some great scores and even better EC’s, I see no problem with you getting in. Good luck friend!


u r so getting in to uva. ur a really high match.anazing achievements!