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<p>UNC is a reach. The rest seem like moderate to high matches. I’m not familiar with Case Western, but it seems doable from what I see.</p>

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<p>Ah i see. I Chanced you back btw. What about UMichigan is that more or less of a reach OOS than UNC?</p>

<p>Anybody wanna answer the question above or chance me?</p>

<p>A target is a match I assume. Everything seems a match or high match except Miami might be a bit of a reach. Overall I think you are set and definitely getting in to at least a few schools on your list. </p>

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<p>wow awesome thanks. i chanced you back. any other chances? looks like ill be getting into a couple schools then if these chances are close to right.</p>

<p>Anybody else want to chance me?</p>

<p>I will. I think you have good chances everywhere but UNC-CH, simply because of their OOS selectivity. Still, I feel confident that if your application is solid you should be accepted.</p>

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<p>Thanks! Is my gpa that bad though I’m worried</p>

<p>Your GPA is the only main weakness, but you have a decent shot at all of those schools as long as your essays are in order.</p>

<p>UNC- low reach
Texas- match
UF- match
Case Western- reach
UM- match
Wake Forest- reach</p>

<p>Hey Guys, Can you guys chance me??</p>

<p>Prospective Colleges:
Eastern Carolina
Yale University
University of Pennsylvania
Univeristy of Michigan-Ann Arbor
University of Virginia
Johns Hopkins

<p>Yea I know this is alot but it’s my plan.</p>

<p>Weighted GPA: 4.88
Unweighted GPA: 4.0 right now, 3.88 after junior year first semester
Btw I attend an early college so its college classes instead of AP
Class Rank: 1 out of 70 right now, after junior year end predicted 3 out of 60</p>

<p>Freshman Year:
college writing class, 1 credit)
Anatomy and Physiology (Honors)
Earth Science (Honors)
Civics and Economics (Honors)</p>

English 1 (Honors)
Integrated Math 2 (Honors)
Research Methods and Techniques (Honors)
Spanish 1 (Non-Honors)</p>

<p>Sophmore Year:
Summer class Psychology through NCVPS (honors)
Biology (Honors)
College Health Class, 2 credits, as well as fullfills my high school health requirement)
Integrated Math 3 (Honors)
Spanish 2 (Honors)</p>

Chemistry (Honors)
Precalc College Class (College Class, 4 credits)
English 2 (Honors)
US History (Honors)</p>

<p>Junior Year:
Math Trig/Calc (College Class, 4 credits, transfers to state universities as Precalculas/Trigonometry)
Biology (College Class, 4 credits, transfers to state universities as freshman year biology)
Eng (College Class, 3 credits, transfers as a Writing Class to state universities)
Sociology (College Class, 3 credits, transfers as Intro to Sociology at state universities)</p>

<p>Spring (already scheduled):
Math (College Class, 4 credits, transfers to state univ. as Calc 1)
Biology (College Class, 4 credits, transfers to state univ, as sophomore Biology)
Religions (College Class, 3 credits, transfers to state univ. as World Relegions)
Eng (College Class, 3 credits, transfers to state univ as freshman english)</p>

<p>Junior End Summer: Spanish 3 (Honors)
Senior Year:
College Classes Options:
Physics 1
Physics 2
Calc 2
Chm 1
Chm 2
Eng 3
Psycholgy 1
Spanish College Classes 1,2,3</p>

<p>SAT: 2150 (M: 740, CR: 690, W:720)
ACT: 33 </p>

Chess: MANY tournament wins, state tournaments, national tournaments. Placed top 10 in states once, placed top 50 in country.
Teen Council: Secretary of city teen council
Temple youth Group: Volunteer Coordinator</p>

<p>Volunteer Hours:
4 PresidentialVolunteerServiceAwards (3 Gold, 1 Silver)</p>

<p>City Award for Volunteering</p>

<p>Started HOSA at school:
President first year, Co-president of campus second year</p>

<p>Science Olympiad Participant
SGA Member</p>

<p>Work Experience: Taught several one on one chess lessons in neighborhood as well as a summer teaching academy.</p>

<p>Any suggestions? Chances for all my colleges would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to comment on any section of how I can improve</p>

<p>Also, Your chances are very good at all except for perhaps UNC becuase from what I have heard their OOS admission rate is very low but focus on enhancing your other parts of your college apps. Do well on your essays and you have a good chance at all of them. Sorry for putting my chancing question on your post</p>

<p>I’d say that University of Illinois at Urbana-champaign would be a high match, your ACT score is very good. </p>

<p>Chance/where would you apply if you were me?
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<p>UNC- Low reach because OOS
UIllinois UC- Low match
UTexas Austin- Match
UF- Low match
Case Western- I don’t know
Miami- High match
Northeastern- High match
Wake Forest- Match
Pitt- Low match</p>

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<p>chance meh!:))) <3</p>

<p>UNC Chapel Hill- Low Reach
UIllinois UC- Match
UTexas Austin- Low Reach
UF (In-State)- Match
Case Western- Match
UM (In-State)- Match
Northeastern- Match
Wake Forest- Low Reach
UPittsburgh- Match</p>

<p>Out of state schools can be slightly hard because of their low acceptance rates. You have a decent shot at all of your schools however, Good Luck!</p>

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<p>UNC Chapel Hill- reach
UIllinois UC- reach
UTexas Austin- match
UF (In-State)-low match
Case Western- high match
UM- high match
Northeastern- low reach
Wake Forest- low reach
UPittsburgh- match</p>

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<p>UNC Chapel Hill- Low Reach
UIllinois UC- Match
UTexas Austin- Low Reach
UF - Low Match
Case Western- High Match
UM - High Match
Northeastern- Low Reach
Wake Forest- Low Reach
UPittsburgh- Match</p>

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