Chance Me Pls - Applied All Ivys

Are your sure things really sure things…for admission and affordability?

Please tell us you have hat least two colleges on your application list where you are pretty much guaranteed acceptance….and where you can pay the net cost to attend.


I just calculated all of my core classes over the last 4 years (most recent grades included and its a 3.8 GPA unweighted. All A’s throughout HS. Im caucasian, but took Chinese all 4 years in HS. I applied all Ivys because I want to go into public service after law school, and run for office in the future. While I did not say that in my essays, for political science all of the Ivy’s are the top schools and I felt I wanted to be in the best position I can be to give back to the world at large when I step into it. My essays for each reflected why each school could help me be be a better citizen and affect change.


No Bs - all As throughout HS. Our school doesnt let kids take APs before 10th grade, so the 11 APs I took/am taking are in the last 2 years. One of the Ivys took 11 kids last year from our senior class. That being said, Princeton has never taken anyone, and aside from valedictorians, Harvard and Yale dont take many either. This year already we have a 6 kids going to other Ivys ED.

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UW 3.8 for core classes. As far as recs, I sent what each school asked for…nothing more…the common app automatically takes the teachers recs and populates them, and the optionals I can only ulpoad what’s allowed…

Ok, great! Do you think you are in the top group with similar grades and rigor to previous ivy admits? If so I think you have above average chance at a top 20 school/ivy.

Did you also apply to Georgetown? It’s where the political action actually is taking place on a national level.

Again I ask…are your safety schools true safety schools?

Take the time to read this WHOLE thread. It’s an old one…but the message is the same. This very well qualified student didn’t get accepted anywhere when he applied as a high school senior. He had outstanding GPA and standardized test scores and was a NMF.

You need a true safety school…or a plan for a gap year.

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Yes - that was the one school I was deferred from :frowning:

thank you - I will read it now…

I thought GTown had regular early action…not REA.

Yes. And they deny no one. Anyone not accepted rolls to RD.

Back to OP. Clearly you attend a HS that’s elite sending that many to Ivys.

So clearly your guidance counselor, and not this forum, is your best way to get a real sense of chance.

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sorry yes - regular early action, didnt mean restricted. I am also awaiting two other early action decisions to come back from two OOS public universities. already sent my LOCA to Georgetown and an additional rec.

Which two OOS publics ? I hope not UNC and UVA ?

What is your safety ?

Or Michigan or UCLA or CAL.

You’re in NY. Did you apply to any SUNY or CUNY? It’s not too late to apply somewhere instate.


I agree with others— I wince when I see these posts where smart kids are applying to every Ivy. It seems like prestige hunting, rather than a thoughtful consideration of fit. You’ve done really well in school though and really, the die is cast. I hope you can step away from this process a bit and celebrate your acceptances when they come.


UMich and UVA. Safety’s are American, GW, SUNY Bing

Ok. So you have SUNY B. That’s cheap. GW likely too

I assume u r full pay.

As long as you could be happy at either…then all good.

GW is so different than all others you applied to. No real campus. No dining halls although I’ve heard one is coming.

Did you visit or it just another DC name ?

At American…showing genuine interest is very very important.

Glad to see Bing on your list.

GW is one of the most expensive colleges in the country and the school doesn’t meet full need for all. Is it affordable.

Michigan doesn’t guarantee to meet full need for all OOS students either.


Well, I’d say Princeton, Columbia, Harvard and Yale clearly qualify. Beyond this group, I might look outside the Ivies for other top-notch programs.

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Oh I missed AU. Yes they turn down studs who show no interest and accept the underwhelming who show love.

It’s your traditional campus.

Your three safeties are all solid!!