Chance Me: Texas A&M Business Honors Program and UT Austin

Dad is Asian; Mother is Caucasian.
United States Citizen
Resident of Texas, and I live in Spring, Texas
Homeschooled (I do take dual enrollement classes)

Interested in a lot of stuff, not sure yet about my major, these are my ideas: business, english, philosophy, political science

4.0 GPA
27 ACT (I am taking it again this summer, this score is from when I was 12: Duke TIP)

Latin and Greek
Algebra One
Dual Enrollement Credits (through Lonestar college)
Honors Introduction to Ethics*
General Psychology
Honors US History to 1877*
College Algebra
Pre Calculus
Business Principles
Honors Sociology*

*Honors classes at the community college have a minimum 26 ACT requirement and are part of the “Honors College” and finish with a research project.

Ran an Ebay business (3 years)
Swam Competitevely (9 Years)
Played Competitive Soccer (4 Years)
Volunteered at the Library (2 Years)
Online Proofreading for Gutenberg (2 years)
Scrabble Club (2 years)
Started a reading club and am the captain of it (2 years)
Have done a lot of novel writing and philosophy research.

Texas A&M is the only school I’m applying to (just curious if you guys think I can get into UT Austin).

I’m only applying to Texas A&M, because I’m 14 and that is the closest college, so I can still live with my parents. Also, their is a large population of Davidson Young Scholars (program I’m part of) at Texas A&M, so that is another positive. My parents won’t let me go to UT Austin at 14 or 15 because it is too far away and they are worried I’ll get drunk or something :). I am just curious if you think I can get in.

I’m planning to apply to their Business Honors program, so if you have any experience with that chance me for that as well!


Honestly, with that low of an ACT and no business clubs or big extracurricular you probably have no chance for CBHP at UT. If you’re not an auto admit that will also hurt your chances as McCombs is already hard to get into as a non auto admit but for CBHP the interviews are done by former BHP (no CBHP grads yet) alum and at 14, you won’t have the experience they’re looking for and it will most likely show. Being home schooled takes you out of the auto admit category so they would really look at your scores and essays relative to others as well.

It’s a great program with a lot of collaboration and if you’re not able to live on or near campus and have the ability and flexibility to meet in your group any time of the day depending on the rest of your group’s availability that will make it harder.

Also, if you’re in a hurry to finish college in less than 4 years, you’re not allowed to graduate from CBHP early. With special exceptions they may allow 3-1/2 as a rarity but they want you to remain with your cohort and graduate in 4. Also if you don’t have a lot of AP or dual enrollment hours then it’s expected one will probably have to attend summer school to graduate within the 4 years.

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If you had read my post more throughly you would have seen that I had ten dual enrollment classes already. You would have also seen that I had planned to take the ACT again. Instead, of reading my post you gave me both rude and useless feedback. I honestly don’t care that you said I won’t get in the program, but most people will typically give some sort of constructive criticism. I also live within an hour of the campus. And in regards to you saying I can’t finish early if I don’t have dual enrollement credits you should have read my post more throughly I’ve already plugged my Lonestar College Credits into a credit translator and talked to advisors and I’ve already got enough credits to basically finish a lot of my first year at the business honors program.

I apologize if my response seemed harsh as it was not meant to be. I didn’t misread what you said, it just didn’t seem to be repeated that you were going to take the ACT again by me so I just assumed it was implied that your goal should be to write killer essays (make sure someone is reviewing them of course) and improve your score since I clearly did mention that.

As for graduating early, I think you missed the point I was making. UT allows you to graduate early however if you’re in the Business Honors program they do not allow you to graduate early regardless of how many hours you come in with. This is why those with so many hours wind up double majoring. The other issue in your case (as was the case with my student) is that you may have too many hours that don’t cover the Business Honors requirements so they don’t count anywhere or for general electives so they’re just “extra” and not able to be used. For example, my D has 10 semester hours of Spanish credit unable to be claimed or used because she already had that category (that is separate from BHP as she would’ve had that issue regardless in McCombs).

Your best bet would speak to a Mccombs advisor and possibly a CBHP one if you can. The CBHP advisors are fantastic. But expectations are high so keep working on your resume and get your application in as soon as the application opens in August. You’ll also need a resume for CBHP (samples usually on the website).

Best of luck!

And for the record - I’m talking about the UT Business Honors as you mentioned you were asking about UT-Austin and wanting to apply there anyway! Nothing about my posts were about A&M so if you think they were again sorry if there was any confusion. I assume with your score and their school you would have no problem getting in there.

Okay, that makes sense I wasn’t trying to be rude in my response to you either. I plan to apply to the Texas A&M business honors program. I honestly was just curious if I could get into the UT Austin regular business program not the Canfield honors program. I couldn’t go there even if I got in because my parents wouldn’t feel comfortable with me living three hours away from them.

I think it is very unlikely you will be admitted to either, but if you are desperate to attend, I suppose you could enroll in the Blinn community college which is affiliated with Texas A&M and transfer over eventually.

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