Chance me (UCB OOS), (UIUC), (Stanford), (Madison), (UWM), and (Stanford)

@Gumbymom Ok! How do I calculate the A-G gpa though?

@MWolf Okay! That’s good news!

A-G gpa is your capped weighted UC GPA without DE courses since my understanding from several posters is that DE courses not fulfilling some of the A-G courses in HS cannot be included in the calculation.

@Gumbymom Oh, I accidentally calculated it already without the DE courses

@Gumbymom Ok, I recalculated it and the Weighted and Capped is 4.43 and the regular A-G is 4.36. The final calculation makes it a 3488. Is that good? What percentile would it be? Thanks for all your help btw.

SJSU sets the major threshold each year based on the Freshman applicant data so this year it was 3400. An applicant with an index above 3400 was admitted so based on your current GPA, SJSU would be a Match school if you apply next year and you should definitely add it your list.

Ok! I’ll do that! They have a good CS program. Should I add Santa Clara U to the list also? Between SJSU and SCU, which has better CS FAANG connections?

Being a legacy is a HUGE hook at Stanford (and quite a few other “elite” schools). There’s never been a non-legacy accepted from my son’s HS. One year a legacy with a 1900 SAT and pedestrian GPA got into Stanford and a 4.0/2400 student with great ECs and acceptances to both Harvard and Yale didn’t.

OP, why even take the SAT if you have a 36 ACT in the bag?

Santa Clara is also a great option with the location as a plus.

@Gumbymom I’m also interested in Chapman. @eyemgh I want to see if I could get a close to perfect SAT.

You have a perfect ACT score. Most schools use concordance charts to convert between ACT and SAT scores because many students don’t take both. By taking the SAT at all I’m pretty sure you risk having to submit a lower score than you already have. @Gumbymom could verify that to be certain.

Unless you are trying to qualify for NMF, then I see no point in taking the SAT. Your ACT is exceptional so the schools will focus on that score and as of 2020, the ACT score can be used for confirming your PSAT score.

Regarding Chapman University, I really do not have much insight into their CS program. It is probably a safety for you and should get some good merit aid based on your stats. I would look over the CS program and compare to the other schools on your list.

@Gumbymom Ok, I’m trying to qualify for NMF. Otherwise, a perfect ACT by itself would satisfy the requirements for testing. Let’s say I manage to get a 1560. Is that good enough for Stanford and USC (USC’s Trustee scholarship)?

Your ACT of 36 is good enough for Stanford and USC.

The National Merit® Scholarship Program has taken on a strange bedfellow. Beginning with the 2020 National Merit Scholarship competition, students identified as Semifinalists may submit “confirming” scores that result from ACT® test administrations and be considered for Finalist standing. The ACT® has long been the primary competitor of the College Board, producer of the PSAT/NMSQT® (and SAT®) and cosponsor of the National Merit® Scholarship Program.

@Gumbymom Okay, that makes sense! Thank you so much for your help! USC is my top choice for CS. Stanford is probably second and I think that I have a great chance at Madison. Who would have experience with USC’s merit scholarships that I could request an answer from?

@MathyMarshawn Hey Marshawn! I remember guarding you in a game this year. It’s Andrew! Wow! What a small world! I didn’t know that you’re interested in USC CS also! We could be roomies there lol!

@Wisconsin100 Andrew! I remember you! We should be if we get in! I’ll write you and I’ll send you my number!

You can try posting on the USC discussion thread: University of Southern California - College Confidential Forums - Admissions Discussions and Threads

The way I understand UC and CSU GPA calculation with college courses is that college courses count if they are transferable (and they would be in the ‘g’ category of the a-g requirements if they do not fit in any other category).

A subtle difference between UC and CSU GPA calculation with college courses is that UC counts a semester college course as one course/grade, but CSU counts a semester college course as two courses/grades.
Eligibility Index and GPA Calculator | CSU (click “GPA calculator”)

Based on this posters information, SJSU did not consider their DE courses when calculating the GPA. That is why I made the statement regarding DE courses. Profile - Phoenix191 - College Confidential Forums - Admissions Discussions and Threads