Chance my OOS DD23 for UMD, UGA, UFL and NC State

I think with her major, even though she is OOS, she will be competitive for NCSU. Great ag school BTW!


NC State is gonna be tough but the test will help - as more than half don’t submit. But the GPA is just above the 25th percentile. So it’s a target - and could go either way.

UMD has gotten really tough - a reach - but not a huge reach.

UGA might be most likely - your daughter stacks up well. It’s a target - not an easy admit but the GPA range for 25/75 is 4 to 4.3 and test score is 1340 to 1480 - so a tad low but there.

UF is going to be tough…i’l probably say UF, then UMD, then NCSU, and then UGA from admission difficulty - and I think UGA is likely but I wouldn’t bank on any and hopefully she has other schools on the list

These are well known schools for agriculture - and that could hurt although UF, as an example, doesn’t admit by major.

If your list isn’t more expansive, you should apply to other schools that accept RD (many like UF, UMD don’t…or barely any) - such as Ohio State. Kansas State, Michigan State, or Auburn.

Good luck


She’s applied and been accepted to Michigan State and UDel. She also applied to UMass Amherst, Penn State, Clemson and Ohio State.

Thanks for your input.


As far as UGA goes, she’s unlikely to get in EA. My guess is she will be deferred but applications for EA are up 21% this year. A denial is possible. Even based on last year numbers, she is below the 25th percentile in number of APs and GPA, and at the very bottom of the SAT range (25th percentile is 1350).

Be sure you calculate her UGA GPA for realistic chances, and read the UGA admissions blog. Instructions on how to re-calculate her GPA are on the blog. Basically they give no weight for honors or dual enrollment, and one point for AP classes completed. Also look at the stats for EA acceptance’s last year and overall pool. The applicant pool is even stronger this year than last, and this is the first year where they will be considering state residency. UGA has always been 80% in-state but last year it was closer to 75%. They don’t want a reoccurrence.

There are essentially four categories of applicants for EA. The very top of the heap academically is admitted based on academics alone. There’s a group slightly below that that will be admitted based on academics and co-curricular activities, the third group is slightly below those other two and they will be deferred, and the fourth group is academically not competitive. My guess is she’s in the third group unless her essays count against her.

I guess you’ve heard but UGA comes out next Friday at four so not a lot longer to be in suspense!


As far as UF goes, the admitted student statistics last year for UGA and UF are virtually identical. UF EA GPA looks higher but they don’t re calculate and the range listed for GPA is basically impossible to achieve under UGA’s calculations. They must give weight to honors classes. Or include non core classes. Or something.

UF is actually seen as an easier admit than UGA around here. We know multiple kids who got into UF but not UGA in state.

@Sweetgum beat me to it. Clemson should be on that list

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Opps. Good list.

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Before I looked at the #s, I agreed - I thought UF and UGA were “equal” and while I know Maryland has rocketed, I was surprised.

But UGA in 2026 is showing on the website, a 4-4.3 and SAT of 1340-1480 - and while the GPA is low, it puts in range. I don’t believe UGA weights Honors though - just AP (1 point). I missed that even though I knew it (my daughter got in - EA - but likely a higher GPA).

So you are likely right - and perhaps my order should be “restated”. I did think it was odd based on prior history.

Sorry @AMVto2kids - let me restate and put UGA and UF together…I missed that (not weighting honors).

That you already got into Michigan State and Delaware - well, the pressure is off. Two fine schools.

@VirginiaBelle noted just a little longer wait :slight_smile:


Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment. It’s just so crazy to me to be in this position that she likely won’t get into any of these schools.

She has a good head on her shoulders, she’s prepared to be rejected, she won’t be heartbroken. It still sucks b/c there is really nothing she could have done to increase her course rigor as she had scheduling conflicts that limited her ability to take the one or two additional AP classes that would have looked good to these schools.

We were hoping that her extensive volunteer experience and being awarded a Congressional Award Gold Medal would count for something with regards to admissions but it seems like it really just comes down to GPA, course rigor and test scores and even test scores matter less with the TO environment.

Again, thank you for all your kind words.

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I typed this but it disappeared so I apologize if it is a double post. But you are right about UGA not weighing honors. And they only give weight to AP and IB, not dual enrollment. They also only consider core classes so As in band, robotics, art and other electives are not included. Just weighing honors classes in addition to my son’s six APs thru junior year (core classes only) increases his GPA by almost .4. And these are full year classes, not semester classes, so perhaps less of an impact than a school that has block schedule semester classes.

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My oldest applied to college for 2019 and just in the past four years it has become dramatically more competitive. Three out of the four schools are top 20 publics and you are out of state for all of them. Like I mentioned, UGA’s applications were up over 20% for early with a very strong applicant pool. The secret is out about UGA. We have friends whose child was auto admitted to University of Texas in their major last year, chose to go to UGA, and is now a freshman. This story is not unique.

I think she has a very good chance at NC State. Her agricultural major also may help her. UGA does not consider major but some others may. Best of luck to your daughter and hoping for excellent news in the coming months! This is my last one and it cannot be over soon enough😂


yep - thanks for calling me out - i was wrong.

i honestly thought my comment was odd - but i just followed the #s :slight_smile:

Not likely doesn’t equal she won’t. And we are not AOs.

I’m guessing she gets into one.

A 4.24 with honors weighted .5 and AP 1 - today - unfortunately isn’t extremely high with all the grade inflaction.

As she goes to a small parochial school and if they place her in the top ranking grouping, that will help.

But again - she’s into two fantastic programs already - so if she does strike out (and I don’t think anyone is saying she necessarily will), she’s still ahead of the curve.

Frankly and I know some are top rated for agriculture - but that’s magazine stuff - she’s going to make her life…it’s not the other way around.

And if she takes advantage of the opportunities - whether at UF or UDel - her trajectory isn’t going to be any different (imho). All fine schools.

Good luck to her.


UMD has 26 factors, holistic; i agree her awards and service should help there.

And lots of kids here eager to go to UDel, or Michigan St, these are great schools.


She would definitely get into NC State if she was in-state. The bar is just higher for OOS students and there is a hard cap at only 18% OOS. She might get in, though. Her stats are great.


It was many years ago, but for a job I had to review documentation and faculty hiring files for the U of Maryland. By far, the Dept of Ag was the most organized, least dramatic of any in the school. All the other depts cut corners, broke the rules, failed to file reports, had a million excuses why they shouldn’t have to file the reports, etc… Ag dept was great.

I got the impression the faculty also treated the students fairly and that the dept was just a happy place to be.

So good luck, and I hope she becomes a Terp.


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